Thursday, July 19, 2018

Could it be that the dynasty begins next year?

First off, nobody's conceding 2018. Barring a complete, Harvey Weinsteinesque collapse, the Yankees will make the 2018 post-season. From there, with a little fairy dust, anything can happen. The Great Modern Age of the Yankees could definitely begin this fall.

But what if it's just not meant to be? 

Let's face it: Boston has a better rotation, Houston is rolling, and now, the Dodgers have Manny Mucho. The post-season is a crap shoot, but maybe the wisest Yankee policy would be to calculate every trade toward 2019, the year we take over.

One recent positive is the sense that both Manny and Bryce Harper would love to be Yankees. Twice, Machado said as much online, and his nephew wished for it. Harper has always edged toward the Yankees, who he loved growing up. Some suggests the shaving of his beard shows his desire, (though that's probably a stretch.)

Next winter, the Yankees should be well under the MLB payroll threshold, resetting their luxury tax liability and freeing Foodstamps Hal to spend, spend, spend... especially if we fail to win the 2018 World Series. He could sign one or two major stars - (maybe three, if he relives 2009, with CC, AJ and Tex.) If a player peaks between 26 and 32, here's next year's lineup (with next year's age.)

c Gary Sanchez. (26.)
lb Greg Bird. (Assuming he sticks, 26. If not, a big free agent.)

2b Gleyber Torres (22.)
ss Didi Gregorius (29.)
3b Miguel Andujar (24.)

Prognosis: Probably the best infield in baseball.

Aaron Judge (27)
Giancarlo Stanton (29)

Aaron Hicks (29)
Clint Frazier (Assuming he's not traded, 24; if he is dealt, it would be for pitching.)
Brett Gardner (likely lost to free agency, 35)
Jacoby Ellsbury (traded, released or disappeared, 35.)

Bryce Harper?  (26, potentially moving Stanton or Judge to 1B)

Prognosis: With Harper, the most celebrated outfield in baseball, if not the best. 

Luis Severino (25)
Masahiro Tanaka (30)

Sonny Gray (Assuming he sticks, 29)
Domingo German (26)
Free agents and youngsters, such as Justus Sheffield (23)

Prognosis: With one or two free agents, far better than this year.

Aroldis Chapman (31.)

Dellin Betances (31.)
Free agents and youngsters.

Prognosis: Stable.

Listen: We want to win now. But we also want multiple championships. And whatever happens in the next two weeks, trade-wise, we must consider that the Great Modern Age of the Yankees is still in sight for 2019... if we don't do something stupid.


Local Bargain Jerk said...

Free agents and youngsters, such as Justus Sheffield (23)

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE -- Hal, Cashman, team members, fans, esteemed readers of this blog -- needs to focus on the above line item. Without improving in this area, we'll never catch up to the likes of Houston.

JM said...

Why would we be interested in Mike Moustakas? ESPN seems to think we are. Yeah, we need another infielder, especially a guy hitting .249.

The trade rumor mill is pretty nutty.

Anonymous said...

Good points Duque. We should be thinking about the next five pennants.

It's amazing how well we've rebuilt on the fly. We are very close to setting ourselves up for a serious run. Actually, we may already be in it. Coming within a game of the series last year and, in most other years, we'd be running away with the division. And, as you said, the playoffs are always a crap shoot. We could be one and done or win the whole thing. It may come down to health.

Assuming your player/roster analysis is accurate, and I do, it comes down to pitching, pitching, pitching.

As much as it would be cool to get Harper I would still prefer Machado - just not as a rental. Glad we passed. But, let's be frank, as much as we love Andujar, Machado is flat out better at every aspect of the game. Plus there's my "The Yankees need an superstar M Theory". so if we're adding a bat I like his.

But I would forgo any of the above for ... Pitching, Pitching, Pitching. Oh, and pitching. Because, as you wrote

Luis Severino (25)
Masahiro Tanaka (30)
Sonny Gray (Assuming he sticks, 29)
Domingo German (26)
Free agents and youngsters, such as Justus Sheffield (23)

Uh... Not anywhere near good enough.

1) Severino
2) x
3) x
4) Tanaka
5) Sheffield

Uh... we are good enough to win a lot of ballgames based on the quality of team overall but if there are dollars to spend and players to trade this is where.

I know we all know this but I'm so happy to be back at my desk after 10 days in NY I felt the need to comment. I hate typing with my thumbs! And, unlike our current leader, I hate dictating.

Doug K.

The only living boy in Wishaw said...

Great article.

I agree with the esteemed poster on this thread though the rotation needs improving I would say as a priority.

TheWinWarblist said...

Germán needs to pull it together. This nonsense must stop.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I agree, Duque, and good points about the pitching, guys. It is always—ALWAYS—the key.

One free agent we should seriously consider: Patrick Corbin, having a good year in Arizona. Supposedly he wants to come here.

I would say Manny over Bryce, any day. BUT...if Manny does come here, there has to be a clear understanding that he will play third. Otherwise, it would be like getting the worst of Jetes AND A-Rod: a monster ego who can't really play his position that well.

And if we do get Manny, I think we should still hang on to El Matador.

I noticed the other day that unnamed Yankees execs—that is, a clubhouse guy and various sportswriters—were once again greasing the skids for Andujar. 'Oh, he doesn't draw enough walks!' 'Oh, his fielding is awful!'

Baloney. If we decide to bring Manny in to third, then we should put him on first. We need to keep his bat. And it's ridiculous to assume that somehow, Drury could be a good replacement for him. The guy put in two mediocre years in Arizona, and has not exactly impressed this year with us. And you're right, John M.: Moustakas would be ridiculous.

Finally, I'm against getting Bryce. BUT...his walk year has been so uneven that he may be scuffling in the free-agent market, come November.

If that's the case, I wonder if it would be possible to entice him into a "show me" contract. Maybe mega bucks for a short commitment, 2-3 years for big money, after which there is a club option for more, or he could just walk. That might—MIGHT—be worth doing.

Parson Tom said...

We don't need Machado or Bryce Harper or anybody. We need starting pitchers. A young body will be sacrificed. Money will be spent. It's all a crap shoot.

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