Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Yankees Are Not That Stupid....

I heard the same blather you all heard.

The focus on Manny Machado.  The latest Yankee target.  The insight from the talking heads who, apparently, get paid outrageous sums for making stuff up.

Here is what I say in the mirror:

Fucking Relax, Bro:    

Manny will not become a Yankee this July, or this season.

Didi remains the best trade Cashman ever made ( replacing Jeter, for cripes sake ), only challenged by the trade move which acquired Gleyber Torres.

So Brian is not going to unravel one of his best deals.  The greatness of that acquisition is not up for debate.  Cashman can walk around in NYC with that trade on his tee shirt.

Everyone also knows that strengthening the middle infield is not a priority for the Yankees.  And everyone knows that Manny becomes a " money only" toy, in about three months.

The talking heads simply think it is an unspeakable agony to have a young player, of such world class talent, sitting on the worst team in baseball.  A team going out for crabs.  And they are correct about that part.  And they think that any team should go " balls out" for talent, even if it creates more problems than it solves.  Stupid they are.

And that happens a lot in this game.

So let's talk about world class, young pitchers sitting on another worst team in baseball.  The Mets have several of them.  However, there is a law of the jungle that says;  you don't deal with your closest rival and publicity nemesis.  In addition, if the Mets are ever going to be good again, they have to retain that pitching.  Otherwise, they just become another team that can't win when they score 6 runs.

The Mets should get Machado.  He could be the jump start they need.  Sadly ( for them ) , they have only pitchers to offer.  Money won't do it for them until next season when Manny goes " free agent."

So there is kind of a Manny Stalemate out there, at least in NYC.  At least until money is the only object or barrier.

Besides, after the game two surprise yesterday, maybe the Yankees can stand pat ( which is what I hope ).   Tanaka should come back better than he was ( his arm rested, along with his hamstrings ).  Maybe German is maturing on the job.  Maybe the same can be said for Cessa.  We even have some new relievers putting up innings with zeros in them.  Guys we never heard of.

If we could get production out of second base ( it will happen after the all star game ); first base
( never ), and catcher ( Romine gave it to us yesterday ), we might just survive.

But hear this;  Even as we keep winning series after series ( mostly 2-1 ), Boston is running on an undefeated string.  We are losing ground, even by winning every series we play.  Nothing we can do about that.

So, recognize that we will get a card to the one-game play-in, and then shorten sail and play it from there.

There is no point breaking up a potential empire for this season.

Even the Yankees aren't that dumb.  Right?  They aren't.  Really.  Right?

No one is that stupid.


Anonymous said...

Agree 100%!

Caught the Infant Bombers last night. (Staten Island Pizza Rats). Love the stadium. 16 bucks to sit two rows behind home plate. Great view of the city. Really liked the watching the mammoth cargo ships slowly cruising by CF. Got my picture taken with their mascot Scooter the Holy Cow. Good game as well. Mike Ford playing first for some reason. I have pictures but don't know how to post them. Totally worthwhile. If you live in NY go see em.

Plus I really like my SI Pizza Rat hat.

Doug K.

HoraceClarke66 said...

That IS a nice park, Doug K. Too bad they have such trouble drawing. And, too bad the city paid them, what, tens of millions of dollars to put it up, when we won't spend money to fix public housing.

HoraceClarke66 said...

And well said, Alphonso.

The shame for the Mets is that they SHOULD go all out to sign Manny after the season is over—just as they SHOULD have signed A-Rod back in 2001.

But they won't, and not because of the reasons they will give. Back in 2001, it was that A-Rod wanted his own writing desk or something, and the Mets decided to act as if they had never heard of negotiating.

This time around, the excuse will be that Manny wants to play shortstop, and the excuse will be that, hey, we have the shortstop of the future already, in that guy who we bat ninth, behind the pitcher.

It's bunkum. If the Orioles could trade the Wilpons a plot of prime, Queens real estate for Legroom and Cinderella, they'd do it in a heartbeat.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

I gotta go with Hoss. Cashmoney has perpetrated some doozies (I can't get Ellsbury and his tens of millions out of my mind!) -- but even Cash isn't stupid enuf to trade away a piece of the future for a short-term rental.

Even in retrospect, the trade for Sonny Gray was reasonable. You can do a physical exam on a player you're about to acquire, but you can't send him out for a few days of headshrinking before completing the deal, can y?

The urgency should be on Machado's end. What if Miguel matures and plays great at 3B in the stretch? What if Didi has a solid August and nails down SS? Then there will be one less (BIG) bidder for his services come three days after the WS ends.

Pitching: I'd still rather give reasonable starting shots to Warren, Green, Sheffield, Cessa, Gallegos, Adams, Hale, Cole -- and more -- rather than trade for a guy who might equal (or exceed?) the significantly depressing accomplishments of Sonny Gray.

The only reason one might panic about the pitching is that the Red Sox have gone 14-and-3 in their last 17 games. Sure, we're going to play them a few times between now and the season's end. But: Acquiring Sandy Koufax in his prime would not stop the Sox from winning what they're gonna win.

The thing to remember about "putting on the pinstripes" is that not every player is Johnny Mize. Some guys don't improve. I continue to think Gray's problem is between his ears; I'm not sure how you "fix" that....clearly it's beyond Larry R's capabilities.

ON THE OTHER HAND: I thought GStanton had similar problems. It appears I was totally wrong 'bout that!

TheWinWarblist said...

Pizza rat. Pizza rat.

13bit said...

Crackhead Cash IS that stupid, as are many other people - just read the comments on most any news story these days - but I don't believe he would make this move. I mean, nobody is THAT stupid, right? Wait a minute...

HoraceClarke66 said...

Joe FOB, I love the idea of mandatory mental exams! Maybe it can be like what they used to with the astronauts, making sure they could sit in a little tin can for days...

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