Tuesday, March 23, 2021

What Boone said...

Forget whatever you hear from " authorities."  Here is the dope:

Wilson is far worse than " tight."

Foget about Andujar.

Don't count on Severino, either. 


TheWinWarblist said...

Spring training for he Black Swan too. Gotta get in shape - Best Shape of Her Life - before opening day.

[Insert invective here]!!@!#$!!#!!!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't Cashman have waited just one more year for Severino to develop more before inking him to that big contract? As soon as he was signed, Severino was out for the season and hasn't been back since. WTF?

And that Hicks contract too, that was done at almost the same time as Severino. As soon as Hicks signed, he announced that he had a bad back. He's actually played a little bit, but I'm sure he'll tweak something two weeks into the season.

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