Monday, June 28, 2021

Unto everything, there is a season: A time to trade, a time to sell, a time to waive, a time to bench, a time to cast away bums... a time to lose, a time to tank.

Yikes. I'm getting 2013 flashbacks - the Obamacare rollout, the Snowden leaks, Treyvon Martin... the year of Lyle Overbay, Vernon Wells, Youk and Pronk - the most disastrous Yankee season in this millennium. Now and then, you reach a moment and it all becomes crystal clear: 

It's happening again.

What did it yesterday was Aaron Judge, who had homered for the only Yankee runs, coming up with the bases loaded and a chance to make it a game. Suddenly, Fenway gulped. The Yankees had a chance at an incredible comeback, the kind that could later be a turning point. 

Judge popped out, of course. I knew he would. You knew he would. He knew he would. Everybody in the world knew he would, and he did. And that's what happens in a clunker year, and this is 2013, the clunker of clunkers, all over again. 

After this weekend, it's clear that the 2021 Yankees are far worse than even we anticipated. Make no mistake: This team could finish below .500.

July will be interesting. There is the Subway Series against the Mets, then the Mariners, Astros, Redsocks (two series) and Rays. There is no cameo appearance by the Tigers, Royals, Orioles or other esteemed cans of tomato. By July 31, the trading deadline, there will be no more waiting on certain players. Unto everything, there is a season... a time to tank.

Around July 31, the Yankees may have to do the single-most painful thing in their last 50 years: Trade Aaron Judge. They might have to do a Mookie. Why? Well, he's 29, he's going to demand a 10-year contract, our owner refuses to spend past the de facto salary cap, and - well - he popped up yesterday with the bases loaded, to the surprise of nobody. 

Judge would not be alone on the block. Aroldis Chapman would go (unless his no-trade clause negates it.) Gary Sanchez is hitting again! He might fetch a middling prospect. Luke Voit? Why not? 

Corey Kluber won't return until September. He's ours. Zack Britton might make it back in August. Would he bring something? Gleyber Torres? Make us an offer. Clint Frazier and  Miggy? Sad to see them go. But who would say no?  

Down in Scranton, the Yankees have a "youngster" (he's 25) named Hoy Jun Park. He's hitting .360 in 30 games, plays SS and 2B and bats left-handed. Bring him up. Why not?  There is a 26-year-old OF named Trey Amburgey. He's hitting .356. He's never moved the needle in prospect rankings, but I wonder: Could Frazier or Andujar hit .356 in Scranton? I mean, how long do we go with these guys? 

Then there is the whale in our swimming pool: Giancarlo Stanton. Nobody will take his contract. He's a Yankee for life. The franchise must simply write off his $30 million annual salary. I say, play Stanton in LF. If he gets hurt, he gets hurt. Insurance pays the tab. We can finish fourth with him, we can finish fourth without him. His best year came in the NL, when he played the OF. What do we have to lose by playing him? 

This weekend, it became clear that Boston is not a mirage. They have bypassed us, and Toronto is next. One of these days, we will feel a breath on our neck and see a young Orioles team ready to whoosh past us, as well.    

July should be interesting. But across the Yankiverse, August and September will probably be football season.  

Oh, one other thing: Boone must go. And Cashman too. There is a time for everything, and tank time is coming. 


mik said...

This zombie team is dead. It's not even the walking dead at this point, without any redeeming qualities. If George was alive he fire everyone, including the hot dog vendors without remorse.

Tanks a lot Hal and Cash!

13bit said...

Duque - I agree with you on every last point.


Anonymous said...

" I say, play Stanton in LF. If he gets hurt, he gets hurt. Insurance pays the tab"

Ooohhhh! Now there's an inspired thought. Hal get's money back and we don't have to watch him.
Win - win!

Doug K.

Anonymous said...

Whenever Cashman leaves this mortal plain, they should put on his tombstone;
"Here Lies the Man who Traded For Stanton'

Pleas e feel free to suggest any other Requiem for the Devil

The Grieving Archangel

Wezil1 said...

Like theTwin Peaks reference….with Aaron Judge as the giant

Anonymous said...

It's recently become trendy to criticize Cashman. That's great, but a cultural malaise has infected the Yankees that transcends any one individual. Organizations with mostly guaranteed revenues are often similarly dominated by the status quo. While I'm not privy to the tax ramifications of selling the team (or how many people actually own a piece) there can't be a better time to get out. All asset classes are fully valued. Hal doesn't seem to get any pleasure out of baseball or competition and there are infinite other profitable investments without the public scrutiny. Hal (or the people he's surrounded by who we know nothing) will never hire and grant control to the true outsider needed to right the ship. Our only hope is his going for the money.

- Melquíades

Anonymous said...

Disregard my previous comment. Apparently Hal's sister Jennifer has stated that the family intends to own the team for "eternity." Even the immortal Archangel may never see another championship.

- Melquíades

HoraceClarke66 said...

Duque, brilliant as usual, especially the bit about playing Stanton until he breaks.

Mel, I thought the Steinbrenners were going to get out a few years ago, when they dealt much of YES to the Prince of Darkness, Rupert Murdoch.

I don't know what happened—a family conference with a trial by ordeal? but isn't any Steinbrenner get together a trial by ordeal?—but they decided to stick in there, and pile up the billions.

Bummer—but then, they might have sold to the Dolans. Or Rupe. Anyway, write off the 2020s.

Scottish Yankee fan said...

I agree totally with every single point you made

Spot on

I fear nothing will change and we could be having a similar discussion this time next year

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