Wednesday, October 6, 2021

2021: The Year of the Great Yankee Gaslighting

Well, it's over - 2021 - and good riddance. Once again, our $2000 million team couldn't reach a post-season. (I don't consider playing in the Wild Card as "reaching the post-season." Boston made it. We didn't.)

For many teams, reaching the wild card would mean a good year. Not for the Yankees. Right now, across the fan base, absolutely nobody feels good about this team. Go onto any site or social network. Everyone is pissed, throwing feces, demanding to know how we came to be so inept.  

I think the answer is simple. This year, the Yankees gaslighted us. 

Damn, they're good at it. But why wouldn't they be. They own the fucking TV network that covers them. The Yankee Entertainment System - YES - churns out propaganda 24-7. Meanwhile, the NYC sports media is more obsessed with mere survival to actually holding the franchise accountable. Today, they'll rant along with the chorus, but next week, they'll be begging for interviews, hat in hand. 

They gaslighted us into viewing YES announcers as actual journalists, rather than paid mouthpieces. They'll rip a player for not hustling. But they never question upper management. They applaud every Yankee deal as a triumph of the front office. They rain upon us so much crapola that we are dizzy over the accounts and descriptions of ESPN or Fox hosts  - who simply aren't on the direct Yankee payroll.  (They are on the MLB tab, though. There is virtually no independent oversight of the Yankees.)

They gaslighted us on the acquisition of Joey Gallo and Rougned Odor - both of whom had been jettisoned by baseball's worst team. Texas had seen enough.  

They gaslighted us on the bullpen, which last spring was hailed as the best in baseball.  

They gaslighted us on Clint Frazier's "legendary bat speed"- and Gary Sanchez, who grows increasingly distant from his rookie season. 

They gaslighted us on Jasson Dominiquez - "The Martian" - an 18-year-old bonus baby who played in the Futures Game before getting his first Single A hit. Last spring, they hyped him as their top prospect. He's now No. 2. 

They gaslighted us about the nine-man batting order, despite having only one LH bat:  Aaron Hicks, a switch-hitter, who soon disappeared. A Yankee team... with no lefty hitter? They said it didn't matter.

They gaslighted us into thinking the Yankees were AL favorites - a notion that now seems laughable.  

Part of the blame is ours. We devoured all the bullshit that their public relations staff pumped out.

The Yankees won't change under the current regime. Brian Cashman cannot afford to rebuild for a year. The Yankees would fall out of contention - (though with the wild card, that's hard to do) - and attendance would drop. So next July, they'll trade whatever prospects they have to get into the race. 

And next October, we will just be angry again.



ZacharyA said...

711 runs scored (19th)
63 stolen bases (19th)
.238 BA (21st)
.407 SLG (18th)
-17 Statcast Outs Above Average (25th)

154 groundball double plays (2nd)
98 errors (5th)
22 outs at home plate (1st)

The entire position-player half of this team needs to be reworked.

Celerino Sanchez said...

This team will be a perpetual WC contender, until people stop showing up at the games.

Carl J. Weitz said...

True, Zach. But we all know it won't happen for the very reasons we have continuously dissected.

ranger_lp said...

I love the remark A-God mentioned about the Rays...the Yanks and Red Sox can't duplicate what they are NY and Boston should keep spending millions of dollars to win championships...

I thought Boston was starting to do that when they hired Chaim Bloom? And the way attendances are dwindling all across baseball that all the other teams are going to have to follow...especially small market teams. As hyperinflation starts infiltrating professional sports, it's inevitable.

Paraphrasing a tweet I read...I hope Boone gets fired so he can replace A-God in the booth...

Anonymous said...

If we had a real GM, there would be some huge trades. Both Cole and Judge, gone. Because those two are simply being wasted on a borderline playoff team that isn't get past the wild card game or the divisional series. Most of the position players would be traded. The right trades would make us instantly better. As in right now, not years from now. We'd actually have a chance to win the wild card game or the divisional series. And maybe in 2-3 years, have a shot at the World Series. But we don't have a real GM, and all this is just a day dream.

We'll probably do worse next year. I don't think this team will make the wild card game next year, unless there are some major changes.

The Hammer of God

Bucky the Dent said...

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Doug K. said...

Just wanted to commiserate. I have a bunch of thoughts that I will post tomorrow. I'm waiting to see if my sense of humor returns.

It was a fitting end and one we all expected. Doesn't make it easier to take.

Again, Happy Birthday JM.

DickAllen said...

And we can turn the sound off on both

DickAllen said...



Ceeja said...

The core of the team is. 5 solid starters and a good bullpen. What they need is addition by subtraction not a rebuild.

Need to cut gardy (though I love him), sanchez, gleybar, Frazier, voit, Chapman, Gallo.

Get a shortstop and catcher and outfielder.

Old man Steinbrenner would do this very easily. The kids, well...

Depressed because there will be labor problems and hal will not be aggressive or imaginative

HoraceClarke67 said...

Ceeja, what you're talking is the traditional formula for success—strength up the middle. But you're right, we just don't have that.

In fairness, Mad King George often failed to do this, too, letting his excesses run away with him. But at least he employed enough top-rank front office people to get it done for two amazing, dynastic runs.

HAL chose stability instead. It would have been the right idea with Buck or Stick. It's the wrong one with Coops.

HoraceClarke67 said...

Most amazing thing, Zach, is that as your stats rankings clearly show, a number of NL teams outdid the Yankees in different hitting categories.

For instance, the Yanks grounded into 154 DPs, almost 20 more than any other AL team. Only the Washington Nationals, with 158 GIDPs, outdid them.

The Archangel said...

Not for nothing, but Meredith M., might be a wonderful person, but her "reporting "is so sweet it gave me diabetes.
I even stop listening to her several years before I became the stale curmudgeon that I am today.
That is the advantage to recording every game and starting to watch 20 minutes after the games starts-you just fast forward thought the bull
The Archangel