Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Here comes the shill machine



Dantes said...

Maybe being “beloved” by the players is the fucking problem, he’s supposed to ca a boss not a BFF.

Ring Lardner's drinking buddy said...

They haven't made the World Serious in 12 years.

Joe of AZ said...

AW HELL NO...Da fuck how bout some REAL analysis Buster....

As arod smugly said last night the Yankee model of walk,k, for the 162 grind but is a failed model in the playoffs

HoraceClarke67 said...

And let me know when Cashman wins a ring for a team that does not have Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada, or Mariano Rivera on it.

Still waiting.

The Archangel said...

Cashman earned exactly 1 ring from a team which he did not substantially inherent.

They love Boone because he coddles them.
to quote a real baseball man, "Nice guys finish last."
If I have to tell you who said that, you should not be reading this blog.

We need a semi-tough Sgt.- type manager.
One with real experience and pedigree.
Caveat- It is tough to be a modern day hard-ass when your star players make considerably more than you do and they have the security of million dollar contracts, eg., Hicks.

"Fuck Boone ,Fuck Cashman Fuck Hal, Fuck them all"
This could be the new moniker for this blog is the Warbler is forced into retirement

13bit said...

Exactly, Archangel.

I have also been chanting the "Fuck Hal, Fuck Brian, Fuck Boone" refrain for a long time now.

I might add "Fuck the Yankee media whores," or "Yankjazeera" as we used to call them here.

They Heyman tweets are especially galling. These guys know better, so it's clear that there is some big-ass quid pro quo happening, which I personally believe is a lot bigger than a place at the stadium buffett table, but what do I know? Do you think they really believe this shit that they are writing?

Maybe sportswriting positions should have term limits.

Anonymous said...

Heyman and Olney are obviously too close to the front office and cannot bring themselves to do any critical analysis. These guys have been "captured" by the industry/organization they cover. Their defense of Brainless Cashman is so stupid that it doesn't even need refuting.

But what they predicted, that nothing will change, is absolutely correct. Hal is extremely happy with the present situation. So why would Hal get rid of anyone. From his viewpoint, these buffoons are doing an A+ job. And that is why we probably don't win any more World Series championships for the next quarter century at least. We won't win until Brainless is relieved of command.

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