Sunday, October 31, 2021

A Modest Proposal

 Many have felt a certain reluctance to root for the Atlanta Braves even over the “Yer Cheatin’ Heart” Astros of Houston, thanks to the Atlanta squad’s continuing use of a Native American team nickname and “tomahawk chop” 

I, for one, have fond memories of chanting, “F___ the Braves!” to the tune of the tomahawk chop at Yankee Stadium, during our boys’ delirious upset of the Atlantans—a chant that even made into The New Yorker, thanks to the embrace of the great Roger Angell.

(Norman Mailer was wrong. You can write “fuck” in The New Yorker—just as long as you get the greatest baseball writer ever to do it.)

As I explained earlier in this space, though—really is nobody reading my endless exegeses?—the “Braves” of Atlanta is a reference not to the original inhabitants of this great land of ours, but to Tammany Hall.

Therefore, it seems to me that the solution to this entire tempest in a teapot is to replace the tomahawk chop with Tammany’s song—one that also happens to be, in my humble opinion, also the greatest tune ever written about New York City. 

That is, of course, “The Sidewalks of New York,” a.k.a., “East Side, West Side.” (Music by Charles B. Lawlor, words by Lawlor and James W. Blake.)

Here is an actual picture of the great Al Smith—endorsed for president by Babe Ruth!—singing it, and a link to the sound:


Imagine thousands of Braves fans, every year, bellowing out this great tribute to the City of New York. And who could possibly object?

Why, I don’t see any reason why the good people of Atlanta wouldn’t rally behind this idea immediately. I say, “Stop the chop! Hit the sidewalks!”  


Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

How bad is it, being a fan of the NYYs in 2021-22?

Saw a headline today (didn't click thru) that said Aaron Hicks is getting married.

My instant reaction, which is horrid and of which I am ashamed, was to ask --

-- to a woman?

. . . OK, send me to the re-education camp.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I can't hate on somebody like Hicks. I think he does his best and goes all-out—remember that catch in Minnesota?

I get angrier at a front office that regularly decides that guys like Hicks are the equivalent of Mickey Mantle—or even Bernie Williams.

It's just self-deception, but Cashman keeps doing it over and over again, and he's always baffled when it doesn't work out.

Publius said...

He'll pull a gonad on the honeymoon.

Anonymous Bosch said...

Getting my computer back has been a mixed blessing. It’s good to be able to plug-in to the world again, but a large part of me wishes I could live without the damned thing.

I am trying to watch this (probable) last game of the WS (Grand Slam just hit). But listening to the unison wailing while watching those throngs of idiots making a joint gesture celebrating the annihilation of America’s indigenous peoples strikes me like supporters of one of our football (soccer) teams all giving Nazi salutes and singing „Deutschland, Deutschland über Alles“.

I can’t stomach this. I’ll check the NYT in the morning.

Oh – this is NOT to be interpreted in any way that I support those charlatans on the other team.

(Hoss: I wrote this offline before reading your history of the origin of the Braves; I still can’t watch/listen to this game; Oh – and “Pierrot le fou” seems to be regarded as Godard’s masterpiece – his Communist period works from later were OK for a provocateur but it’s really his body of work when he was married to Anna Karina (1961-1967) that seems to keep in continuous high regard.)

DickAllen: many thanks, if you’re reading this thread!

DickAllen said...

Of course I am Bosch! Where else would I be?

JM said...

Bosch, I hope everything goes well with your surgery. I didn't say so Saturday and feel like a clod for not mentioning it.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

Yes, met too Bosch, good luck with your surgery, and a speedy recovery my friend!