Thursday, October 21, 2021

They Didn't Even Bother "Putting on an Act.."

 Many of us on this blog predicted exactly what happened.  Only we got some of the details wrong.

I, for one, thought there would be some "agonizing" over what to do about Boone.  And, perhaps, Cashman by implication. I thought Hal would put some crap in the press about how disappointed he was.   How we need to get this right, etc. Maybe even allow the media to float some ideas about capable replacements. 

But they didn't bother.  Not because they feared we would see through it anyway, but because it took too much away from Hal's golf game and dinners on the yacht. 

The primary justification for this easy choice seemed to be, " that Boone is respected in the clubhouse."

Let me point out that everyone loves a boss who holds you accountable for nothing, praises you when the lights go dim, and lavishes you with money.  My favorite teacher was always the one who let me get away with everything. 

So, it is true.  The players love Boone.  They can do nothing but fail, and he will say nice things about them.  Lead the league in golden sombreros, hitting into double plays and being thrown out on the base paths, and Boone will still talk of the championship elements in your exit velocity.

The Yankees, as a result, will continue pretty much the same.  There will be some "smokescreens" to make you hope differently ( e.g. they will buy a shortstop...think Jacoby Ellsbury in the infield ).  But we will continue to ignore the players we have drafted and developed.  

No rookies will shine for the Yankees.  There will be no " buzz" about anybody.  The big news will be the " sleek new body" of Aaron Hicks and the increased foot speed of Luke Voit.

The kids you want to see....that you have heard so much about....will be trade bait.  When we are pushing again for that wild-card play-in game, Volpe, Gil and everyone except Jessica Dominguez, will be sent away (Jessica remains untouchable as an illusion.  Once the excuses run out, he will fade into the darkness of Jackson Melion ). 

My wish is that the media, the fan blogs, everyone....simply ignore all Yankee news. None of it matters now. Just provide silence. Hear no evil and see no evil. 

In the end, no one at the top really cares.  And they are certain the money will flow in.  They don't believe for a second that the Yankee fan base may say "fuck you" to the mirage of this team.

We all got sucked in to the promise of 2021.

 Not this year.


TheWinWarblist said...

What do you mean "we?"

Hazel Motes said...

Thanks for not blaming the fans, Alphonso.

AboveAverage said...

I'm sorry - but my biggest take a way here that is Luke Voit has increased his foot speed. That truly amazes me. I may have to skip dinner this evening so I can fully process this. Nearly speechless . . .

HoraceClarke66 said...

Oh, Alphonso, of COURSE we'll fall for it again!!

That's what baseball is all about. My goodness, think about what it must have been like for the fans of the Boston Braves, or the Washington Senators all those years, thinking, "This could be the year!"

Spring springs eternal.

The Archangel said...


Dantes said...

So which one is Lucy holding the football for us, Hal or the Cashman?