Thursday, October 14, 2021

Eight reasons - actually nine - why we should root for the Giants (I mean SF, of course; screw the football team)

1. The San Francisco Giants have never hurt me. (I wasn't aware in 1954.) We beat them in 1962 - McCovey's famous liner at Bobby Richardson. Throughout the  years, I've felt no pain or trauma from them. 

2. They are run by an ex-Yankee executive: Brian Sabean- aka "the Brian that Got Away." Their front office has included Dirt Tidrow, Dave Righetti and Bam Bam Meulens. In an alt-universe, these guys would be running the Yankees.

3. Willie Mays. Come on, who didn't love Willie Mays?

4. They instinctively hate the Dodgers. 

5. Rice-a-Roni. Underrated. 

6. Tony Bennett - one final appearance? For the ages? They say he can still sing.

7. If they reach the World Series against Boston, will be fun to see a Yastrzemski - Mike, that is - patrolling left field.

8. On that note: Somebody has to beat Houston or Boston. It's that simple. We can't trust Atlanta. The Giants are our best bet.

Alt-reason: In the mid-70s, I knew a guy who had once worked in a San Francisco laundry that cleaned the Giants uniforms. He did what anyone would have done: He stole Bobby Murcer's jersey and fled. 

It had Murcer's name on the back. This was long before you could buy anybody's jersey in a sports store. At times, we'd go out drinking, and he'd wear Murcer's jersey. In all my life, I never more felt in the company of a god. 

Go, Giants.


JM said...

Murcer's jersey--wow, what a steal. I hope the guy held onto it. But that was before ebay and Steiner and big money for ephemeral baseball objects, so he probably wore it out and then used the remains to wash his car.

I agree about the Giants. They are a feel-good team we can root for. We just have to forget the Barry "My Head Is Bigger Than Your Wife" Bonds era, which was really, really embarassing. Really.

Doug K. said...

I agree with everything El Duque wrote. I've got no issue with the Giants at all.

I lived in SF for 5 years. My son was born there. I loved it. I would be happy just walking to get the paper and a cup of coffee.

The whole city is the size of Disney World. It was like NY without the pain.

(Now not so much. The major cities of the West Coast are suffering a homeless crisis that is starting to resemble Running Man.)

But I digress...

I have a Croix D' Candlestick - the pin they give you for surviving an extra inning game at Candlestick. As Mark Twain once wrote, "The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco."

I would root for the Giants tonight but I am afraid to.

Look at what my rooting has done to the Yankees...

Not to mention the NY Giants, last night's NY Rangers, The Cosmos, The Knicks G league team, The NY Arrows, The Jets, St Johns, The Liberty, Andrew Cuomo, Chuck Rhoades, The Italian Mafia...

Clearly I am a jinx. So no rooting for me. Nope. Won't do it.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

Re Duque> Exactly!!!!
Re Doug, also EXACTLY why I'm choosing not 'officially' root for the Giants, obviously I was born under an unlucky sports sign during a masochistic baseball killing moon. And I completely agree about San Fran, I exhibited my art there in the go go Aughts, before the crash that wiped out 3/4's of the galleries,,,, in rushed tech to gobble up everything, it's indeed a very different town.

HoraceClarke66 said...

People, people!

Okay, I admit it. I'd rather see the Giants win than the Dodgers. I love San Francisco, and have an annoying brother-in-law out there who is an Athletics fan and always gets upset when the Giants win. So there's that.

I've also been to Candlestick—where, the story goes, the weather would have been fine if Horace Stoneham had only had the park built a few hundred yards away. And they have great uniforms and a storied past.

But let's get ahold of ourselves! They sold us out. They left us—New York—for dead. Screw them!

Though I have to admit, the choices are getting awful narrow now. Giants, Dodgers, Sox, Astros, or Braves. Oh, what the juju gods have done to us!

Ken of Brooklyn said...

I hear ya Hoss, but my choice will be strategic, I hate the Sux AND Asstros with the burning intensity of a bazillion supernova suns, so whichever team (Giants?) seems best equipped to annihilate the monstrosity that advances, that's my team,,,,, GRRRRRRR!

Doug K. said...



TheWinWarblist said...

Well that sucked.