Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Hang that 2021 Wild Card Away-Birth flag: Three more years of Aaron Boone!



ZacharyA said...

Boone inherited a good team that his predecessor had taken to Game 7 of the ALCS the prior year.

2018: embarrassed by our rivals in the ALDS, immediate playoff exit
2019: embarrassed by cheating scum in the ALCS for the 3rd time in 5 years
2020: embarrassed by our rivals in the ALDS after an 89-win pace season
2021: embarrassed by our rivals in the Wild Card Game after winning only 91 games

And Hal Steinbrenner said, "thank you, more please."

Celerino Sanchez said...

Have they set the date for the WC -banner raising yet. I hope the whole gang can be there and relive all of the great moments of 2021! I'm sure Susan will shed a tear or two.

mik said...

Imagine a scenario where you had a waiting room with the likes of Casey Stengel, Earl Weaver, Billy Martin etc. looking forward to being interviewed for the 2022 New York Yankee managers position. Brian Cashman would lock the door and hide in the basement rather than confront men who that would not accept mediocrity, never mind a computer generated lineup.

Did any fan really feel as if Boone was going anywhere? He did exactly what was asked by Cashman - he embraced analytics, coddled his players, never disagreed with management. The consummate "yes" man.

The Yankee motto is now "good-enough".

Ironbow said...


HoraceClarke66 said...

Um, "Berth"?

HoraceClarke66 said...

But yeah, it gives me no joy to say I called this. I just didn't expect Boone to get so many years.

But of course he's back. He's Coops' ultimate hostage. If the team is off to a terrible start again next year, out he goes! Ditto 2023 and 2024, apparently.

"Second verse"—or in Cashman's case—"Twenty-fifth verse, same as the first!"

DickAllen said...

Harold had this to say about Boooooone:

“As a team and as an organization, we must grow, evolve and improve. We need to get better. Period. I know Aaron fully embraces our expectations of success, and I look forward to drawing on his intelligence, instincts and leadership in pursuit of our next World Series championship.”

The key word there is “pursuit.” Not to win, but pursue, as in: we’re after it, but not seriously. Not with the intention towards better baseball, but keeping it close enough so that we maintain the value of the franchise. As for everything else, you can all go fuck off, because you as fans, are only useful to the extent you’re willing to give me money. Got that? And that’s why we hired this inept man to manage our corporation.

DickAllen said...

"The last time a Yankees manager was allowed to manage a fifth season without having won a World Series ring was 1922." (ESPN)

Horace, as the group historian, would you care to add to this?

Doug K. said...

I'll tell you what...

Even though I hate this move and the thought of more of the same really pisses me off.

If we look at it Pollyanically, (That should totally be a word.)

it is entirely possible that...

Since Brain has one year left on his contract, if he were to leave/change jobs in the org (more likely) when it is up, the new GM generally gets to name the manager.

So, it doesn't make sense to bring in a new manager for what could be one year.

Hence Boone next year.

But you can't give Boone a single year contract. That keeps him on the hot seat all year. Not good for anybody. So you give him a multiyear for appearance sake.

The other two years on the contract don't matter because it doesn't effect the luxury tax. I think one is an option as well.

If Boone does well and the Yankees hit a metric (the division, WS appearance, championship.) Good.

If the Yankees have issues again then he gets fired and the new GM gets to pick.

ZacharyA said...

"Cashman mentions the Yankees are not as athletic and contact-oriented as he'd like them to be."

Hmmm I wonder who built this roster to be unathletic and have swing-and-miss issues.

I wonder who traded for Joey Gallo just two months ago.

If only Brian could find the culprit.

Matt P. said...

Until Hal stops penny pinching, the manager won't matter. The Yankees suck at player development. They've stuck with their newer core who were supposed to be all stars, and instead performed worse year after year (Sanchez, Gleyber, Hicks, Urshela, Frazier). Shockingly, the Yankees LVP was DJ. Not setting the table for Judge, who may have had 120 rbis otherwise. Bad defense, situational hitting (sacrifice Thames) and base running (sacrifice Nevin) have to be corrected NOT by "managing" but roster construction. In fact, one could argue this team should have been MUCH WORSE if not for a manger pulling out SO MANY one score games (yes, he also blew how many up 4?)! Cashman and Hal are the culprits folks. Don't be upset about who manages their mess.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Thanks, Dick Allen.

The manager in question was Miller Huggins. Of course, he was only managing his fifth year without a ring because Babe Ruth had got hurt early on in the 1921 World Series. The team "only" won the pennant in 1922, as well, but roared back to take 4 pennants and 3 World Series titles in the last 7 years of Huggins' tenure.

(Hug developed an unfortunate belief in the ability of the sun and tanning lamps to cure any and all illnesses prior to the 1929 season. Before the season was out, he had developed a mysterious black mole on his face, and then died abruptly. Hmm...)

HoraceClarke66 said...

For a Yankees manager who managed so long without even getting INTO a World Series, you have to go all the way back to Clark Griffith, the team's very first manager, from 1903-07, and the first third of 1908.

Griffith lost out to Boston for the pennant on the last day of the 1904 season, and lost a narrow race to the White Sox in 1908. He then went on to own the Senators for many years.

I don't think we're getting rid of Boonie that easily.

ranger_lp said...

How can anybody be surprised?

Note that they announced this after the end of a Mercury Retrograde period. For homework, look that up...you should never sign anything during a Mercury Retrograde period...

HoraceClarke66 said...

ranger, that retrograde period has lasted for 12 years.

Doug K. said...

I owned a Mercury Retrograde back in the 70's. It could do 60 MPH in reverse.