Sunday, October 3, 2021

Some Things To Think About

 1) Gardy! 

This is most likely Brett Gardner's final regular season game. Worthy of a post in and of itself but, even as the Yankees get blown out or otherwise humiliated we are watching the end of the career of a True Yankee. Enjoy it. 

Of course Boone will probably sit him.  Which, if the outfield is Gallo, Judge, Stanton might not be that bad an idea. That said, Gardy! 

2)  Fi-re Boo-oone! 

If (when) they fall behind that chant will fill the stadium and resound all the way to the front office.  Too bad the Sell the Teeeee-eeem chant won't have the same effect.

3)  Too Many Knuckleheads

How much do you hate Gleyber right now? He's even more emblematic of the Yankee's failures than Sanchez.  

4) Tallion? 

Seasons are not won or lost in a single game (much like the off sides penalty didn't cost the Giants a win against the Washington Football Team - even though it totally did.)

That we have to start Tallion to try to clinch the second wild card is just the culmination of the least enjoyable most mistake filled , most poorly managed, insanely constructed...

We have to lead the league in players playing out of position, no? 

So don't blame Tallion when he sucks today. It's just the final straw. 

5)  4 Way Tie! 

I'm rooting for total chaos! Who's with me? 


Anonymous said...

1) No way Gardner isn't back in 2022. He has a player option and has never mentioned retiring at the end of the year. Jeter, Mo, & CC have already established the tradition of playing an unnecessary final victory lap season. Expect Gardner to do the same. Of course in Rivera's case he was still there best option and that might be the case with Gardy as well.

4) Tallion? This is a classic example of "Heads Cashman wins, tails we lose." If Tallion pitches well (or the bullpen and/or hitters save the day) the Yankees look like geniuses, have Cole lined up for the WC, and can claim "another successful season." If the plan falls apart and Cole gets beat Monday in Toronto the Yankees will blame everything on injuries and come back with essentially the same team next season. The other clubs are each throwing a legitimate starter today but NY was more concerned with setting up their rotation for the ALDS 2-3 weeks ago when it was already clear the last game might matter. Once again, they only outsmart themselves!

- Melquíades

Carl J. Weitz said...

Mel, if the Yankees win and Red Sox do as well, we play at Fenway, not Toronto.

Yes, Doug, I'm with you. A 4-way tie will screw up the post season plan. Fuck MLB sideways!

A. Lemon F. said...

Poll - who replaces Boone after he's reassigned to junior vendor duty next week and what uniform will Sanchez be wearing in 2022?

Anonymous said...

If Yankees and Seattle lose while Boston and Toronto win, NY will play in Toronto Monday. If Yankees lose and the other three all win. The Yankees will have to beat BOTH Seattle and Toronto just to get to the WC in Boston.

- Melquíades

Doug K. said...


My bad on Gardy Clearly wishful thinking on my part. I didn't take into account that a guy as old as Gardner could get a multi year deal.

HoraceClarke67 said...

Mel, I'm totally with you, save for this:

Mariano Rivera's last season: 6-2, 2.11, 44 saves, 58 hits, 9 walks, and 54 strikeouts in 64 innings.

An unnecessary final victory lap year? I don't think so. And do NOT trash The Great One on the morning of an important game!

Also, mediocre as Jeter's last year was, I'm curious as to who would have been a better option. Someone in Coops' farm system? Someone he could have picked up?

On both counts: Hahahahahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

@HoraceClarke67 I wasn't trashing The Great One, and stated Mo was still the teams' best option. It was still unnecessary for him to play another year and who knows what he must have gone through (at his age) to rehab from the knee injury and get back. Despite those stats he was clearly diminished (almost human) in the tack-on season. I'd still take that version of Rivera over Chapman but watching him pitch the last year for a mediocre team was kind of sad. I prefer to remember the other seasons.

- Melquíades

Anonymous said...

I don't know where this idea came from that this will be Gardner's last year on the Yankees. Management LOVES this guy. Even more than they loved Stephen Drew. Gardner will play for the Yankees again in 2022 and potentially until he retires to a nursing home in 2052. If he went 2 for 240, he'd still start in CF. You can count on it!

The Hammer of God

TheWinWarblist said...

Steinbrenner Sucks!! Steinbrenner Sucks!! Steinbrenner Sucks!! Steinbrenner Sucks!! Steinbrenner Sucks!! Steinbrenner Sucks!! Steinbrenner Sucks!! Steinbrenner Sucks!! Steinbrenner Sucks!! Steinbrenner Sucks!!

Kevin said...

This has been the hardest Yankee team to care about that I can remember. Not the worst, not the least talented, but a handful of players who just don't take their jobs seriously. A deadly combination of no situational awareness, and players who respond badly to pressure. Ultimately the players have to own it.However, it's obvious that poor coaching from the minors on up, coupled with a soft management philosophy through the organization needs to reflect on their own failed philosophies. I'm a broken record in writing this, but it's remarkable, especially considering all the money spent on Latin talent, how few players blossom for us, or the teams that they are traded too. Why do we as fans ever worry about using our "high upside" minor league players to acquire players who have actually made the majors? We might have a gem in Volpe, but where are the starting pitching studs, and the stream of up the middle players that are so prioritized in twenty-plus years of drafting? Enough. I beat the same horse to death. Time for a long winning streak.