Wednesday, July 20, 2022

All-Star Game Highlights!


Having grown up through decades of the National League winning the All-Star Game every year, and with whatever Yankees were around regularly embarrassing themselves—Mel Stottlemyre getting bombed when he had to start instead of Denny McLain, Ron Guidry walking in the tying run, etc.—this new era has been, well, a delight for me.

I was starting to experience flashback traumas when Judge and Stanton struck out in their first three, combined at-bats last night.

But then...Stanton with the two-run blast that won him the Yanks' 3rd All-Star MVP (Derek and The Great One are the other two). Why he should be the MVP over Byron Buxton, who then hit the game-winning home not a gift horse to look in the mouth.  

From then on, it was all good. Clay Holmes with a decent 2/3 of an inning. Gerrit Cole safely on the bench, where he could not manage to injure himself.

And, as Publius noted today, best of all were Nasty Nestor and Jose Trevino, stylin' and dialin' out there.

Both seemed utterly delighted to be at the game, which was great to see—even doing their best to play along with the ever-grating Fox broadcasters.

Trevino gets extra points for catching the last five innings of the game, for wanting the ball he got a hit on...and above all, for NOT trying to stretch that hit into a double, and thereby tweaking all gonads for the rest of the season.

Great job, guys!


AboveAverage said...

I want one of those New York Jerseys too.

To add to my ridiculously large collection.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I should have added that as another "Enough!" (see above).

Enough with all the ludicrous gear, done for no purpose other than to sell more stuff.

The All-Star Game used to be a pageant, with all those great uniforms. These were butt-ugly, right down to the stars on the team caps. Enough already!