Friday, July 1, 2022

Blow it up!

The Yankees will not win the World Series this year. Consequently we need to blow the team up and rebuild. 

OK, not really, but I AM convinced that our season ends in Houston. 

So, whomever we add/trade/release bring up between now and then has one criteria... 

Will this move help us beat Houston? 

Here's the thing... there are people who we openly acknowledge as Yankee killers. The list includes players that are great (Altuve, Edgar Martinez) and players that are not great (Kevin Millar).  

I'm pretty sure each team has a list like this. 

We need to identify and acquire those players. Preferably find one who plays left field. I don't care if that person has Joey Gallo like numbers against the rest of the league as long as he is a bonafide Astro killer. 

Get me two guys like that and the 2-1 games become 3-2 games our way. 

We have more than enough talent to handle the rest of the league. Find me a Kevin Millar! 


ZacharyA said...

Ramon Laureano career vs. current Houston pitchers
.308/.421/.513 (.934 OPS) in 95 PA

.286/.333/.857 (1.190 OPS) vs. Cristian Javier in 15 PA
.400/.455/.500 (.955 OPS) vs. Framber Valdez in 11 PA
.375/.444/.625 (1.069 OPS) vs. Lance McCullers Jr. in 9 PA

4-8 career vs. Ryan Pressly, 2-5 vs. Rafael Montero

Obviously small sample sizes, but he's probably available, plays CF, and controlled through 2024 in arbitration. (He was busted for PEDs last year, but these are desperate times.)

Doug K. said...

Now THAT's what I'm talking about!!!!

We're all about Benintendi because he kills US. This guy kills THEM.


Thanks Zach.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Good thinking, Doug! And good example, Zach!

No, I don't see any way we make the World Series unless Houston suffers at least two, devastating injuries. Preferably to Altuve and Verlander. That's our best hope.

(And by devastating, I just mean baseball devastating.)

BTR999 said...

I like this!
Consider it building for October, that is if you want to truly compete for a WS Championship, which I’m not convinced the team truly cares about.

Matt P. said...

Aside from 2 late Judge game saving at bats, the Yanks would be 0-5 vs. Astros. We simply cannot come close to hitting their starters. And here is the thing, come playoffs, no way they pitch do Judge in those situations. The path ends in Houston. Put the record aside and recognize weaknesses and address the Gallo situation...simply release him and trade for someone (Benintendi). Our starters are tired. Someone will fall off a cliff. Get another good one who can match the Astros. Don't let the overall record mask the issues.

JM said...

Left to right: Miggy, Judge, Stanton.

Inf., third to first: DJ, IKF, Gleyber, Rizz.

Trevino at C.

We've already got all the players we need. We just aren't putting them all on the field. It's maddening.

BTR999 said...

Matt P, you summed it up nicely!

AboveAverage said...

Simple Formula:


Resulting in:


Get 'R DONE!