Friday, July 1, 2022

Now Is The Time....

 I agree with our leader.

The Yankees will not beat Houston, or any other top team, with Gallo in left and Donaldson at third. 

We are still getting excellent pitching, but we cannot manage a single mistake when playing a top team. Luis gave up back to back walks in an otherwise excellent outing.  But those walks became Houston's two runs.  

If the opposition shuts down Judge and Giancarlo, we can't score.  We got a line drive HR from Rizzo but, naturally, no one was on base. 

When Gallo appears, I automatically predict strike out. And am correct 50% of the time. ( it seems like more ).  Otherwise, he grounds into DPs and pops up.  The big moment of his at bats is when he hits a hard one foul.  It has got be demoralizing for him and everyone else. 

 And Josh is now pretty much the same. Bring him to the plate, where a critical hit is needed, and he bangs into a sharp DP.

We are idiots not to bring up Florial or Andujar.  Idiots to consider trading them for a Benitendi.  

But you know that is how Cashman is thinking.  And don't think he won't throw away Sears, either, in a trade for a " name."

I would so love for the Yankees to do the obvious. But they never do. Call up the farm. 

Somebody else's failure is always more attractive than our own successes.

The longer this goes on, the pricier each option becomes. 

Show some intelligence and guts. 



ranger_lp said...

Today's roster moves...

07/01/22 New York Yankees placed RHP Miguel Castro on the paternity list.
07/01/22 New York Yankees activated LHP Aroldis Chapman.


AboveAverage said...

d o. n o t. t r a d e. f o r. B e n I t e n d i.

EDB said...

Alphonso, very well written and presented. On Benintendi, a .300 hundred hitter. There are none on the Yankees and Judge is now below .290. The Yankees continue to mess with Andujar and a happier playing Joey K. AKA No Hit Joey. Joey is batting .130 over the recent stretch and .160 overall as a Yankee. One host on WFAN stated that Gallo cannot hurt The Yankees batting ninth. Oh really! Playoff pitchers will eat him up. You left out Barren Hicks, never a good player. Look at his stats. Look! Look! Yet the Geek that runs the Yankees extended him. The Barren is now a .219 hitter with no power and no longer a Centerfielder. I am glad you included Josh Doneldson. He is a creep and more importantly cannot hit righties. Cheapskate Hal's main concern, the Luxury Tax. Another host WFAN stated that Hal is a HUGE Yanklee's fan is at a lot of the games. Really now! So what do we have here, The SOS and you know how SOS translates. The lineup is pitchable. The starters very well might have problems with innings pitched. Oh Yes, the Um Ah You Know Ah OOh well, Yankee Manager plans to put Choakin' Chapman back in the ninth inning. Trades are needed. Higher average hitters, even if it's Happ from The Cubs.The As, the worst team in Baseball is dumping everybody. Frankie Montas would help and The Yankees could go with a six man rotation. But Genius Cashman's boy, Mike "I Know Nothing About Baseball" Fishman would not go for that.

Carl J. Weitz said...

15 second video of Joey Gallo making strange twitches on YES

Kevin said...

Regarding Donaldson, he's ranked by WAR at 37th, valued 1.7WAR. Rizzo comes in at 1.5 WAR, good for 43rd in the AL. FWIW. It is amazing who they are ahead of, although part of the evaluation is based on plate appearances/ health which it should. It's such a shame that Gallo has bombed the way he has, coming in I thought that he would be a perennial All-Star. I have never understood Cashman's rationale for the Hicks contract.

I've long given up hope on Florial, he's still striking out in his second year at AAA at a 30% clip. I hope to hell that a possibly historic season should go down the drain because of a hunch that Florial and \or Andujar becomes a championship quality LF at this late date. As a fourth outfielder/ pinch-hitter, fine. IMHO.