Sunday, July 31, 2022

Drunk blog continues: We are not going to win the 2022 world series

 It’s over.

Deal with it.

We will go out in the second round.

I need another drink.


HoraceClarke66 said...

Nope. We are not even going to win the ALCS.

AboveAverage said...

good golly - you're all a bunch 'o' gloomy gusses and downer debbies

at least we all can agree on one thing:

judge will finish the season with 42 home runs . . .

EDB said...

What makes you believe that The Yankees will not win the 2022 World Series. Because they won't be there. The owner Cheapskate Hal, tells us the Yankees have a "Championship Caliber Team." Patric Ewing told Knicks fans every Season that The Knicks would win a championship evert season. Because Genius Cashman won't part with any prospects. Because Genius Cashman brings in lost causes as starting pitchers. Because Genius Cashman extended Barren Hicks and continues to hold on to this lifetime .230 hitter. Because The Yankees have Cole, who does not seem able to win a big game. Because the Yankee lineup disappears. Because the manager is a Moron and would be better suited for public office. Why would you write such a thing?