Monday, July 4, 2022

Is Today A Day Of Infamy?

 I can't recall any July 4th when the Yankees weren't playing.

And I go back to 1776!

Does anyone else recall a " dark" July 4th?


Hinkey Haines said...

Today is our Independence Day from the inexplicable and continuing tyranny of watching Joey Gallo play baseball.

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

Hinkey I love you. Hinkey who are you? Mademoiselle from Armentières, she’s just 16 plus 30 years…. Hinkey Dinkey parles vous

HoraceClarke66 said...

She's the hardest working girl in town
She makes her living upside down
Mademoiselle from Armentieres

HoraceClarke66 said...

Yes, the Stadium is dark, and they even made the Mets go play in the "Great American Ballpark" in Cincinnati.

That great, faceless bloc of blockheads that is MLB pretending once again that baseball has nothing to do with New York, which is where it started.

Doug K. said...

Alphonso -

Does getting blackout drunk on July 4th 1976 while "watching" the tall ships come up the river count?

BTR999 said...

Yes, the team has been off on the Fourth in recent years.

I think it sucks. Like many of you, I can remember when it was ALWAYS a DH July 4th.
And Memorial Day was dark too…if there’s anyone more out of touch than a MLB exec, well I’d like
to hear about it.

Enjoy the fireworks. My GSD will begin her anxiety attack within the hour.

TheWinWarblist said...

Rum is enlightening.

Rufus T. Firefly said...


But single malt is superb!

Rufus T. Firefly said...


I'll leave it to the hysterical (or is it historical?) guys, but I would be knee high to a grasshopper the last time there was a July 4th double header.

A shame nonetheless.

BTR999 said...

What can I say Rufus? I’m an old fart…not boring though.

As best as I could see, the last scheduled July 4 DH was in ‘73 against the Red Sox. They swept us!
We played a make up DH just last against…the Mets! We split

HoraceClarke66 said...

999, please don't mention that 1973 doubleheader. Ever, It was one of the traumatic experiences of my entire fandom, part of the Yanks dropping 4 of 5 to the Sox in the Bronx, in a showdown series.

We started the series 4 games in first place—and 5 up on Boston. It was the first time the Yanks had been considered a real contender that early in some years. Roger Angell even covered the series for The New Yorker.

Game 1, we left 8 guys on base, including the bases loaded in the 9th, when Felipe Alou pops out. Lost 1-0 behind Peterson, to John Curtis.

Game 2, Sudden Sam McDowell and Sparky win, 3-1.

Game 3, 1 game of the DH. We led most of the game, 1-0, behind Stottlemyre and a Murcer home run. 9th inning, 2 on, 0 out, Munson boots a sac bunt by Orlando Cepeda (!). Bases loaded. Lyle strikes out Petrocelli. Fisk then hits an easy grounder to Nettles. Rather than go home to make sure of one out, and for a possible third-home-first DP...Nettles tries to go around the horn.

The throw is late at first. Where Ron Blomberg is playing. Why? Who knows? But he promptly throws home to try to get Yaz, who is—as usual—running head down and a sure out. He throws it away. We get 2 on in the 9th—Bob Veale gets Celerino Sanchez to end the game.

Game 4, 2 game of DH. We leave 9 guys on base. Nettles flies out with bases loaded in the first. We lose 1-0, behind Doc Medich.

Game 5, we lose 9-4.

I was just 14 still, and it almost killed me. Baltimore ended up beating out the Sox, too, but oy. Horrible, horrible.

Not as horrible as the ending this year will be.

Oasisdave said...

If we play the As#holes then I think it will be an excruciating end of the season

Carl J. Weitz said...

I don't remember the year but I was at the 7/4 double-header against the Red Sox. It was 100 degrees and very humid. People in the bleachers where we sat were lying on cardboard boxes by the concession stands so they wouldn't pass out. The second game was the Righetti no-hitter but I was praying the Sox would get a hit so my friends ( most importantly the driver) would leave.