Tuesday, July 5, 2022

ZacharyA: "It's basically the perfect time to play Florial."

 (From ZacharyA)

In the three weeks between today and the Trade Deadline, can we give Estevan Florial all of Gallo's reps?

Last 30 G
Florial .345/.410/.605 (1.015 OPS)
Gallo .157/.265/.326 (.591 OPS)

Last 20 G
Florial .358/.411/.642 (1.053 OPS)
Gallo .111/.250/.315 (.565 OPS)

Last 10 G
Florial .410/.455/.949 (1.403 OPS)
Gallo .037/.161/.037 (.198 OPS)

I'm not saying Florial's numbers will translate to the majors; they won't. Not how it works. But we have a situation here where Florial is currently red hot against AAA pitching and Gallo is ice cold in the majors. And as you can see, Gallo has set the bar so low, it's basically the perfect time to play Florial.

(Did you realize Florial only has ONE minor-league option remaining? Good chance he's moved this offseason if the Yankees don't think he's an everyday player. He's been in the organization for eight years now. I think we can give him three weeks of playing time.)


TheWinWarblist said...

Hear, hear! Here, here! Here, hear!


Doug K. said...

Sounds good to me. As long as we DFA Gallo. There is no reason to wait. If Florial doesn't pan out there is still time for a trade or to just give it to AnDUjar.

Eat the bucks.

Plus, it's hard to imagine DFAing Joey will come back to bite us as he turns into a great hitter with another team. Because he won't.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Amen, Zach! The stats lay it out. Even a Florial who is half that in the majors will be an improvement.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

This all sounds good, as long as Gallo is gone.

But ULTIMATELY, I still keep coming back to what ZacharyA posted earlier,,,,
We need Astro Killers and ONLY Astro Killers! We have more than enough talent to beat everyone else. (AnDUjar would be fine otherwise) But if we're trading... Trade for an Astro Killer!!!!!"

The Archangel said...

And he is LH bat, and he is a great defender and he is fast and he is cheap ML minimum- like salary.

And his K rate, while high, is still 10% lower than Shallo's.

Shallo will never hit in a pennant race or playoffs

This makes too much sense.

TheWinWarblist said...

I will never care whether or not an player is cheap. Hal inherited a mountain of money. He should spend ALL OF IT ON OUR NEW YORK YANKEES.

DickAllen said...

Can it possibly be that The Intern can't admit to making a mistake, and does Gallo, like so many of his other acquisitions, have a 2-year expiration date?

That milk went sour a looooooong time ago. And pour Hikks down the drain along with him. I can smell that odor all the way out here.

Please make that outfield, from left to right, Miggy, Florial, and Judge, with Stanton a rotating fill-in.

JM said...

All I am saying, is give Miggy a chance. Florial, too, if they can finagle two roster spots.

Btw, Austin Wells, catcher, has been promoted to Double A. Breaux, Somerset HR leader, has moved up to Scranton.

Gary Frenay said...

Could not agree more!! I've been advocating for a fair chance for Florial ever since I saw him in SpringTraining in 2017. Put him in the line-up for the rest of the month. The chance of him being worse than Gallo is ridiculously low. Play the kid!!

JM said...

Dick, I think Judge likes center and he's certainly good there. I'd leave him alone.

TheWinWarblist said...

Florial will be better than Gallo as long as he doesn't spontaneously explode and take two of the Yankees 40-man roster with him.

DickAllen said...

He sure does Win. But he also plays a mean RF - if they called up Floria, would you stick him in RF? Has he been anything but a CF in his career?

This from Prospects1500 website:

HITTER: Estevan Florial, OF (Yankees #17)
Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders (6 G, .550/.600/1.350/1.950, 11 H, 4 2B, 4 HR, 7 RBI, 10 R, 4 BB, 3 SB)
The 24-year-old outfielder led all of MilB in OPS this week (1.950).

Those are numbers. He's finally dominating AAA

DickAllen said...


DickAllen said...

Sorry, I meant you JM!

TheWinWarblist said...

Dick, that was, as the young folk say, a moonshot.

ranger_lp said...

Can Florial hit major league pitching? This has been the question all along. If he was able to, he would have been with the major league team by now. There's a distinct difference between AAA pitching and major league pitching. Florial has not proved himself on the major league level. Bringing him up now may mean more of the same which is not going to help the Yanks right now. Getting rid of Joey Whiffs is gonna happen but the Yanks will not get much for him in a trade. Hicks is almost in the same predicament. But Hicks, at least, show signs of hitting...I read that the Yanks are shopping him around the league as I type....

DickAllen said...

I hear that Ranger, and I would mostly agree with you about Florial, but he is only 24 and it remains to be seen if his recent domination is for real. The worst that can happen is he comes up and flops. As someone (I think Zach) pointed out, he's only got one option left and that could mean trouble for him.

I still think Benintendi will be wearing pinstripes this summer, but I would hate to see Florial get away only to become a star somewhere else. Same with Miggy.

The Hammer of God said...

Florial doesn't even have to become a big time hitter to be a vast improvement over this shit fest.

Think, what would the Tampons do? They'd dump Gallo and Hicks and use Florial and Miggy.

But sad to say, this is what is wrong with Brain and the Yankee management. They'd rather go down in flames with guys like Gallo than take a chance on a kid. Florial is hardly a kid anymore, by the way. They'll probably hang on to him for years, then bring him up when he's 29 years old. Because players need to be "finished" when you bring them up, according to the Brain. Yeah, he'll be finished all right. His career will be finished.