Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Yankees are said to be interested in Andrew Benintendi. Should we fear the Curse of the Reverse?

So there he is, the biggest trade target on our spectrum... 

Andrew Benintendi - age 27, hitting .314, former Gold Glove winner, owner of a World Series ring, a lefty bat and maybe - just maybe, a guy with a certain burning itch to make Boston suffer for dealing him away for Franchy Cordero. 

It is our fantasy, awaiting fulfillment. 

If we can just find a mark chump, patsy, fall guy  happy customer willing to take in Joey Gallo, surely, Cooperstown Cashman can swing a deal with KC that doesn't include the farm star stud list. Benitendi is a free agent in November, so how much can they get in return? And what fun it would be, watching him enact revenge upon his ex. (Fun fact: Benintendi has never come to bat against the Redsocks.) 

You'd think it's a done deal, the Yankees adding an old nemesis. 

But but BUT... ever since the Curse of the Bambino reversed, the Death Barge has had a problem with former enemies, who tortured us as opponents, then came to NY and tortured us as Yankees. Right now, Elan Musk has a better chance of putting a man on Mars than the Yankees do of putting another Wade Boggs on a horse.  

His numbers might look appealing, but we should be wary of Benintendi's impact on the juju gods. Consider three examples...

1. Kevin Youkilis. We picked up his sorry, over-the-hill butt in December of 2012, as part of a Cashman rebuilding year that went tragically south. (Vernon Wells, Travis Hafner, Old Ichiro - this is why Yank fans have a hard time trusting Cash.) Youk, then 34, played 28 games for us, batted .219. Two HRs. Ugh. Guy couldn't bend to tie his shoes. Remember how gleeful Boston fans were, as they mentioned him over and over?

2. Carl Pavano. In 2005, after his Marlins beat us, we signed him to a four-year-deal. He was going to buttress our rotation. Turned out couldn't buttress his own butt, which he famously bruised, en route to the DL. It was one thing after another. They called him "American Idle," a complete washout. Then, to add salt, he pitched well in Minnesota.

3. Jacoby Ellsbury. We signed him after letting Robbie walk. Remember how he was going to torture Redsock fans? Turns out, he was more popular in Boston while wearing Yankee pinstripes. He became their regular greeting: "Hey, how's Jacoby doing?" We paid him $21 million per season for seven years, then added a $5 million buyout, just to say farewell. In four years with the Yankees, he hit .264- 33 points below his time with Boston. The last few years, we paid him to stay away.

Nothing more pleasures us than to picture Redsock fans stewing in their self-absorbed misery, playing the "o sad me" harp, because an old fave switched uniforms and beat them. That's why, for all his shit, Yank fans still smile at the memory of Roger Clemens. 

But there is danger in thinking we can rehabilitate enemies into honest U.S. citizens. We may befriend them, pay them well and treat them with respect... only to learn that they are double-agents who have weaseled their way into our good graces, only to destroy us from within.

Remember: Once is happenstance, twice coincidence, but three times is enemy action.

Bevare... bevare... bevare...

We must be careful with Andrew Benintendi. Isn't there a guy out there we've never heard of, who lugs no old time baggage? 


JM said...

How about using a guy we have heard of? Name of Miggy. Deserves the shot, plays hard, plays a decent left, and there's a rumor he was a doubles machine way back when.

Why do we always have to trade for someone when we have a someone who could do the job? Can God make a rock that's so big even God can't lift it? It's a mystery.

TheWinWarblist said...

Carl Pavano? Carl fucking Pavano? This is how I have to start my day?


BTR999 said...

I see that Tyler Wade was DFA’d by California.
How about bringing him about, even on a MiLB contract?
Hey Hal, Wouldn’t cost much, probably less than the gold toilet on your yacht

Piiax said...

What about Johnny Damon? Didn't do so bad. I'd like to see Miggy get a real chance though.

DickAllen said...

What JM says: Miggy.

But bet your pavanos he'll be traded along with a heaping helping of promising young talent for another Joey Gallo.

The Intern is bound to find a way to fuck this season up. Count on it. If the Daily Murdoch keeps hyping the Yankees potential for a record-breaking number of wins, we are in for a painful second half.

So speaketh the Win: Fuck.

AboveAverage said...
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AboveAverage said...

Benintendi has knee issues.

If they're gunna acquire him then they had better probe, push, prick, pinch, p-scan (needed a P word) and ponder those puppies carefully before causing Miggy to scratch his own eyes out.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Pretty funny, JM!

And yeah, "Babe" Benitendi (remember that). The guy is a lifetime, .278 hitter, who this year is hitting .314 but has all of 3 home runs and 31 RBI.

Yeah, I know he plays in KC. Right now, he has 2 homers on the road. Two.

Lefty or no, this guy has a total of 3 HR in 326 plate appearances. Last season, Miggy had 6 HR in 162 PA.

TheWinWarblist said...



Doug K. said...

From ZacharyA's earlier comment in my Astro Killer post...

"Ramon Laureano career vs. current Houston pitchers
.308/.421/.513 (.934 OPS) in 95 PA

.286/.333/.857 (1.190 OPS) vs. Cristian Javier in 15 PA
.400/.455/.500 (.955 OPS) vs. Framber Valdez in 11 PA
.375/.444/.625 (1.069 OPS) vs. Lance McCullers Jr. in 9 PA

4-8 career vs. Ryan Pressly, 2-5 vs. Rafael Montero

Obviously small sample sizes, but he's probably available, plays CF, and controlled through 2024 in arbitration. (He was busted for PEDs last year, but these are desperate times.)

July 1, 2022 at 11:18 AM"

We need Astro Killers and ONLY Astro Killers!

We have more than enough talent to beat everyone else. (AnDUjar would be fine otherwise) But if we're trading... Trade for an Astro Killer!!!!!

Carl J. Weitz said...

Duque.....another big signing by the Yankees that they snatched from a rival was Don Gullet from Cincinnati after they were swept in 4 games in 1976. He had a decent but injury prone 1977 but in 1978 tripped over first covering the bag and screwed up his shoulder which he eventually need career-ending rotator cuff surgery. The Yankees were on the hook for the rest of his 6 year contract as he never again pitched in MLB.

ZacharyA said...

In the three weeks between today and the Trade Deadline, can we give Estevan Florial all of Gallo's reps?

Last 30 G
Florial .345/.410/.605 (1.015 OPS)
Gallo .157/.265/.326 (.591 OPS)

Last 20 G
Florial .358/.411/.642 (1.053 OPS)
Gallo .111/.250/.315 (.565 OPS)

Last 10 G
Florial .410/.455/.949 (1.403 OPS)
Gallo .037/.161/.037 (.198 OPS)

I'm not saying Florial's numbers will translate to the majors; they won't. Not how it works. But we have a situation here where Florial is currently red hot against AAA pitching and Gallo is ice cold in the majors. And as you can see, Gallo has set the bar so low, it's basically the perfect time to play Florial.

(Did you realize Florial only has ONE minor-league option remaining? Good chance he's moved this offseason if the Yankees don't think he's an everyday player. He's been in the organization for eight years now. I think we can give him three weeks of playing time.)

DickAllen said...

Great numbers Zach. Thanks.

What more does Florial have to do? He's 24 and right now there is no CF in the International League better. Chances are pretty good he gets traded in a few weeks. That's the MO of The Intern (aka The Boy Genius).

Oh, and as far as Gallo goes, it would be better for all concerned (especially us) that the Yankees simply DFA him. He's essentially worthless right now. To anyone.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

Gallo delenda est.

[saying this repeatedly supposedly worked for Cato the Elder. He is said to have ended all of his speeches, no matter what they were about, with those words....well, in reference to Carthago.]

Yankee Daddy Roger said...




DickAllen said...

OMG - I had to look that one up Roger! The Yankees also added Mario Guerrero to sweeten the deal. Then, six years later, swapped Sparky for Dave Righetti. Nice deals all around. Thanks to Lee McPhail and Gabe Paul.

Would The Intern have been able to pull that off?

AboveAverage said...

Long time listener - first time caller . . . .

Aren't we suppose to CLOBBER Pittsburgh?

I hang up and listen to the answer.

AboveAverage said...

J U D G E ! ! ! !