Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Annual Drunk Blog begins: OK, Cashman, do what you're gonna do

Okay, Cash, permission granted to decimate this team.

Do whacher gonna do. Trade Gallo for a bag of door knobs. Find another Clay Holmes. Get that Castillo guy from Cincy. And don't trade Anthony Volpe, dammit. Also, we need a LF. And somebody to replace Laughing Josh Donaldson at 3B. And a CF? And make space for Tim Locastro. And Juan Soto, icing on the cake. All for that guy, The Martian, whatever.

This is the drunk blog. Didn't I say that already? One draft, one write-thru, no proof read, I got things to do, okay? Big things. I got major things. This goes until Sunday, when my liver explodes. By then the Yankees will be nine up in the AL East, and Joey G will be a plague in the Cashman Boondoggie Museum. 

So... last night... well...

Another October team we can't beat. This is getting to be a thing.

Another reason to worry about the rotation. Right now, it's Nestor, Cole and - bullpen?

Another time to reflect on what this team will look like without Aaron Judge. Yikes.

Another reversion to the times when we would score early - and then shut down for the rest of the game.

Without Stanton, it's a huge drop in the order after Anthony Rizzo. And one thing to always remember about Giancarlo: He's only here until the next tweak. 

I gotta go. Insobriety needs me. But the Yankees are giving me another reason to drink. Not that I needed one...


Wezil1 said...

If you are drinking now, just wait until you see the trades The Intern makes! He’ll make them, alright, It will be for some player we have never heard of- but it will save a ton of Hal’s hard earned money. And best of all- and I know you will be excited about this- it will not increase the luxury tax for the club!

The Archangel said...

Although The Boss had his moments of sheer lunacy, we knew he was a FAN.
His kid is not and hence, we will never win a WS again.
All kinds of financial power, and he worries about 'the bondholders".

I pray for a billionaire or two who are really Yankees fans to swoop in and make Hal an offer that he can't refuse.

Has he even seen a game in person this year ?

Oh I nearly forgot; FUCK YOU HAL

JM said...

Boone is an idiot.

Gallo is a disaster, who Boone continues to use, last night inexplicably pinch hitting him for one of our best hitters, IKF, who makes contact but doesn't hit home runs. Neither does Gallo, who only has 12, but that didn't seem to matter. Did I mention that Boone is an idiot?

We need a real manager. We need pitching. Our rotation is only two guys and prayers. Our bullpen is hurting and porous beyond a few reliables.

Getting rid of Gallo, at the very least, would help the hitting. Also, and I hate to say this, Kyle. Torres is suffering from Sanchez Disease, or at least shows some symptoms. He looks great sometimes, but often doesn't have his head in the game. Donaldson continues to be in the starting lineup when righties are pitching, and he can't hit righties. And his vaunted defense is decidedly suspect. Did I mention that Boone is an idiot?

Every player and every team has ups and downs. We've lost 9 of 14, if I'm counting correctly. This is getting ugly.

Can we start trading now? Please?

Celerino Sanchez said...

This team is a mirage. Donaldson sucks, Stanton sucks, Gallo sucks and you know they will be back next year. They will not beat the Astros and for that natter I think the Blow Jays might beat them. HOF Cashman is going to trade half the farm for this years Gallo or Vasquez. Until a real management team comes in here, it's going to be the same ole, same ole. So why should we care. There is nothing worse than an apathetic fan base.

JM said...

You're right, Celerino. The management does everything in its power to make sure we don't care. And it's getting easier not to, no matter how angry I get about the mismanagement by the front office and on the field.

Doug K. said...

Putting the most strikeout prone batter in the league against the pitcher who is the best at getting strikeouts was pure madness.

Seriously... madness! A fire-able offense, And against the Mets!

George would have phoned the dugout and fired Boone the second Gallo got in the batter's box.

The Hammer of God said...

Take a deep breath, everyone, easy does it! We all knew this team sucked before this season even started. We all knew that Cashman was going to continue to do stupid or weird things all season long. The only way to explain Gallo's presence is that Cashman has priorities other than winning. I'm surprised that Gallo didn't start the game. Bet he starts tonight though.

We've waited a long time for Montgomery to develop. He has developed somewhat this year, but it's still short of being an effective #2 or 3. Would you feel comfortable starting him in the playoffs?

We should do whatever it takes to get both Soto and Castillo. The team needs both hitting and pitching. I don't think Cashman gets either one. We're stuck with Gallo for the next ten years. For pitching, I think Cashman goes dumpster diving again and picks up a bullpen lugnut and somebody's loser starter (another Andrew Heaney type).

BTW Soto is only hitting .247 this year so far and not looking so great. As somebody astutely pointed out on another post. Got to scout him really carefully to make sure that he's not suddenly done. Whoever makes offers for him should review all of his at bats this year.

The Hammer of God said...

@ Doug K., Ba-Boone is the great Yankee cosmonaut, pushing blinking buttons on the rocket ship's control console. Cashman probably sent him a memo commanding him to pinch hit Gallo if anyone got on that inning.

AboveAverage said...

At least KaBoone had a rational and well thought out reason for why he pinch hit Gallo for IKF in the eighth. It was idiotic, but rational and well thought out.

Now for a little song:

Go away

Go away

Go away

Right now

Gallo Go

Gallo Go

Gallo Go





Go Away




GO Away








The Hammer of God said...

Everyone: Get ready for the inevitable meltdown tonight. Although I do remember that the Yankees beat up Scherzer once. Might have been in the 2020 coronavirus year. He probably throws a no-hitter for 7 or 8 innings tonight. They'll have to take him out for pitch count.

I think Mildred's nailed it: the ship be sinkin'!

ZacharyA said...

Soto is having the worst season of his career, but it's hard to tell if it's regression or just being on a terrible team with zero protection. The fact that he leads MLB in walks (by 25!) makes me think he's not seeing any pitches in the zone. Why pitch to Soto given the rest of the lineup? Put him ahead of Judge and let's see what happens.

Looking at Statcast for more data, everything looks good: Soto is hitting the ball hard, doesn't strike out, and uses the whole field. Nothing alarming.

I think Soto's 2000 plate appearances between 2018-2021 is a large-enough sample size to believe in his production, unless a physical uncovers some medical issue.

The Hammer of God said...

I haven't watched Soto any since his WS agains the ASS-stros. Whatever team wants him needs to watch all his at bats this year.

I remember the last year of Robinson Cano with the Yankees. He still could hit, but all of his home runs were off breaking pitches. He never hit fastballs out anymore. He still hit fastballs, but only for singles. I knew Cano only had another year or two left before mediocrity. So I was not too upset that the Yankees didn't push hard to keep him. But the only problem is that the Yankees never got another good lefty bat to replace him.

ZacharyA said...

Juan Soto is hitting .315 with a .642 SLG vs. fastballs this year, so that's not a problem. (It's offspeed stuff he's had trouble with.)

I hope the Yankees do their homework and dig into all the data and watch his at-bats if they're going to acquire him.

But given how they acquired Josh Donaldson despite the fact that he can't hit at our home ballpark makes me think they'll continue to do a half-ass job of scouting.

JM said...

Worrying about Soto is like wondering what you'd do if you won the lottery. The odds are so long. There's basically no chance of either seriously pursuing Soto or buying a winning ticket. So who cares?

I think Hammer is right. We're going to get a Heaney or two and Cashman is going to be lauded for his smarts, even though said arms will be totally outclassed against good teams. And we'll get a so-so batter who can hit .260 with some power.

You know, like Ohtani. And Ohtani.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I've been saying that for days now! :)

Not Heaney!
Not Heaney, God!
The demon pitcher
On our

HoraceClarke66 said...

Thanks for the stats, Zach.

I would take the risk on Soto. His "demise" this year seems similar to Mantle's in 1967-68, when he was actually among the league leaders in many categories still, but walked all the time because why pitch to the one threat in a lineup that bad?

As for Cano, his averages went up and down with the Yanks, but while his stats were down a little with the Yanks in 2013, his last season, they were better than they had been in 2011. So who knows?

Jogginson had a similar career with Seattle—and of course, everything was complicated by his juicing.

But Hammer's right: the trouble wasn't so much getting rid of him as it was using the money saved to sign up McCann, Roberts, and Ellsbury.

The horror...the horror...

ranger_lp said...

Dodgers just activated Heaney...

From an article...

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been without Andrew Heaney for most of the season as he twice has dealt with a left shoulder strain. With the most recent injury, Heaney has been on the 15-day injured list since June 24.

The southpaw was projected to miss around three to five starts and he has now made two rehab appearances. Heaney now is poised to be activated Wednesday for a start against the Washington Nationals in the series finale at Dodger Stadium.

Although Heaney has been deemed healthy to return, the Dodgers intend to keep him on a pitch count for the remainder of the season.
On the season, Heaney has posted a 0.59 ERA and 2.16 FIP in 15.1 innings pitched. The short stint of success is almost justifying given how bad his 2021 season was and lends validation as to why the Dodgers gave him a one-year, $8.5 million contract.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

I have visited Cooperstown twice (cutting college classes, in Binghamton, for a day to do one of those).

Now, I hear about the Cashman Boondoggle Museum.

I'm retired. I can visit every month. Let me know where the F you put it!!!

EDB said...

Genius Cashman is going to do what he's going to do. He will bring in lesser players and whine that other teams were asking too much.

The Archangel said...

We simply need new ownership.
A billionaire fan will do.
I don't think anything changes until Hal and family seems the team.

But, I know, not in my lifetime