Sunday, November 15, 2009

Armageddon Outahere? The Yankees have a nemesis star, and it is called the Knicks

To the Yankiverse:

Other fans constantly call us boarish fatcats, spoiled with victory and unable to handle defeat. OK, they got it right.

But they just don't understand.

With the exception of a historical blip, led by a man currently associated with Lady Clairol for Men, the Knicks have always been our nemesis star -- the cancer in our testicles, the ulcer in our stomaches, the Ponson in our rotation.

Thanks to Isiah Thomas, we will know the way of suffering for years to come.

We deserve a Yankee dynasty at least until the world ends in 2012.

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Anonymous said...

Will we even play the world series before December 21, 2012 or will old man Selig stretch it out until MLK day?