Friday, November 20, 2009

Wait Until You Hear This One

I am just returned from a book tour of Japan where I received accolades and all the sake I could consume for autographs of my new

biography, " Going Rogue."

The Japanese gave great respect to the positions I took with respect to the Yankees all season, and to my continuing support and interest in re-signing Hideki Matsui.

I left Tokyo with a promise to the great baseball fans of Japan:

I would get, this season, an on-air win warble from Suzyn Waldman !

Not only that, I vowed it would break John's 2009 record for in-season warble length and launch the play-by -play career of Ms. Waldman.

Without her permission, but counting on her financial and psychological support, I have enlisted the genius, acumen and connections of SHE-FAN to assist me in this endeavor.

Our first direct contact with Suzyn should be at Spring Training in Tampa.

Predictions for the season will immediately follow Ms. Waldman's " warble" contract signing at our annual dinner at Roy Selmon's steak house.

Stay tuned.

This is gonna be great.


She-Fan said...

The only way to get Suzyn to come to our annual dinner at the steakhouse is to promise her that members of the Steinbrenner family will be there. I could pretend to be Jessica. Or Jennifer. Whichever.

el duque said...

Perez Hilton needs to know about this.

unanimous said...

She might come, Shefan. I've heard that she DOES play for the other team... and I don't think it's the redsocks.