Saturday, November 21, 2009

I See Where Michael Kei Re-Surfaced

Imagine the shock as I'm sipping some Jack, eating my fourth pickled egg and scanning the comments sections of this blog....most specifically, the flap over Mr. Seely's strange interview with a person ( ok a doctoress ) wearing a Red Sox garbage collector's hat, and I read a comment from Michael Kei.

Most of you may not remember that, for a while, Mr. Kei was a prolific contributor to Yankee lore on this very site.

Then, when the Yankees start doing well, he fades and disappears. We all want to know the story and we are putting reporter Seely on the case.

My theory: it is hard to blog from the can.



el duque said...

Woah. Dissention in the clubhouse? In terms of team chemistry I always consider Kei to be our Swisher, while Alphonso, of course, is A-Rod.

Whitey Fraud is our Bruney. Nice guy, as long as you don't put him in.

Of course, everybody knows who Jeter is.

Alphonso said...

No dissention, Duque.

I am delighted to have him back. Have missed him.

We need him on that wall !!

Maybe he pulled an Alph and disappeared as long as the Yanks were winning?

But who is Brett Gardiner?

Whitey Fraud said...

More slander from el Dumbass.

Typical. He wants to be a leader but always falls short. He couldn't motivate shit to stink.

What happened to your planned hiatus? Did you get credit for time served?

Blithe fool!