Sunday, November 15, 2009

Letter to the Editor: Al Neuharth can shove it

FLORIDA TODAY (Brevard County, Florida)
November 12, 2009

An open letter to FLORIDA TODAY columnist Al Neuharth:

Once again, your readers are "treated" to a pro Yankee baseball rant, "Series shortcomings."

Presenting a concern about baseball umpire reviews, you used it as another opportunity to gloat about the Yankees' success. Despite the fact that many people in America despise the Yankees, you and your elitist co-fans continue to rub your success in the faces of opponents across the nation.

If my team had the economic means to spend like your team, perhaps they could enjoy success, too. In these difficult economic times, it is the highest form of conceit to pour millions into a team, while jobless people watch.

Baseball, as entertainment, has evolved into a life of its own. People use sports to claim temporary superiority over other cities. Perhaps the aforementioned jobless use it as an escape.

Baseball used to evoke images of people rooting for their home team. It's hard to stomach a rich team who always gets the benefit of bad calls and whose games are broadcast into many homes via cable.

Please stop the Yankee columns. A silent majority of your readers are unreceptive to this gloating.

Michael Conner


Stang said...

I hereby claim that New York is temporarily superior to Melbourne, FL, because New York always gets the benefit of bad calls and New York's games are broadcast into many homes via cable.

Anonymous said...

Wait, isn't that why New York is PERMANENTLY superior to Melbourne, FL ?

That and, you know, hurricaines.

nutballgazette said...

As a Regular resident of Palm Bay/Melbourne Fl. I am proud to say that no one in this area reads the "Red Rag" aka Florida Today.