Monday, November 23, 2009

Top Ten Yankee End of Decade Awards

In the face of the pesky anti-Yankee-spending letter writing campaign going on across the country (or at least across western NY state), what better way to fight back than by displaying the arrogance for which Yankee fans are renown? And in a way that is sure to be unique! With a flurry, a flood, a blizzard, a veritable gusher of self-aggrandizement in the form of self-generated best-of-the-decade awards.

It is with great pride and pleasure that I propose the IIH Top Ten Yankee End of Decade Awards (I-YEDAs or I-YODAs - still to be determined). Each award would be made with appropriate fanfare, accompanied by a widely distributed news release. I'm thinking a Today Show appearance by the end of the I-YODA cycle.

10. Ex-Yankee of the Decade - to be awarded to the ex-Yankee player who had the best on-field performance during the period 2000-2009.

9. Yankee Celebrity Fan of the Decade - a shoe-in for the blond actress who's dating A-Rod? What about Billy Crystal? Rudy?

8. Yankee Blog of the Decade (all non-IIH websites) - self-explanatory

7. It Is High Yankee Blogger of the Decade - for meritorious service to IT IS HIGH, IT IS FAR, IT IS...caught.

6. Yankee Executive of the Decade - Cashman vs. The Boss or someone else (the treasurer?). Could be fun.

5. Yankee Manager of the Decade - Settle once and for all the question - is one ring plus a Good Samaritan act greater than one ring plus several AL pennants? (Note that this award is for service during the years 2000-2009 only)

4. Yankee Team of the Decade - 2000 or 2009, you choose. Non-World Series winning teams need not apply.

3. Yankee All-Decade Team (by position) - at least a couple positions aren't slam dunks.

2. Yankee Employee of the Decade - Could be an amazing list of nominees here.

1. Yankee Player of the Decade - Future Hall-of-Famers only need apply.

And finally, an eleventh award - in keeping with the IIH charter, an award too prestigious to be contained in a mere Top Ten list.

0. Yankee Broadcaster of the Decade - surely there can only be one choice. But we'll let democracy speak.

I propose that the Yankiverse's most capable, fair and creative election commissioner be appointed to post the appropriate polls on the IIH site and to announce the results as only he can. I am of course referring to the one and only El Duque.

What say ye, Yankiverse?
To award or not to award, that is the question. There can only be one answer. I say that answer is YES!


Anonymous said...

This is very funny but unfortunately the decade ends next year! Since there is not a year Zero decades start at ONE and end at TEN, hence decade. It will be better next year in great past players you can have Matsui, Damon and Pettite.

Dennis Tampa

Stang said...

No, Dennis Tampa. I know there was confusion about which year started the millennium, but I don't think that carries over to decades. The 60s started in 1960, the 80s started in 1980. You could look it up.

Rarn said...

yeah we really count 1960 as the least year of the 50s...

Donyo said...

I hereby nominate Tim McCarver as Yankee Broadcaster of the Decade.

dadlak said...
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dadlak said...

@Dennis Tampa - What SUPERFRANKENSTEIN said. In any event, why wait until next year to do what can be done now.

What if the Mayans miscalculated by two or three years and the end of the world comes early?

I-YODAs now! I-YODAs forever!

She-Fan said...

I say yes - just so we can see El Duque on the Today Show.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if we need to add another category, but something must be done to honor that charming little crying lass from LA's contribution to our joy.

dadlak said...

With one more category the YODAs could be billed as the 12 Days of Yankeedom. Maybe the 12th category is Best Opposing Fan.