Saturday, November 28, 2009

Letters to the Editor: World at War... Albany is on fire!

The Times-Union (Albany, NY)
November 22, 2009 Sunday

I: Dear Editor,

To all the Yankee haters and fans who whine about the Yankees having the highest payroll in MLB and buying a championship: They do indeed have the highest payroll. However, the core four of Andy, Jorge, Derek and Mariano have been with the team since 1996. Add players like Cano, Cabrera, plus others, and much credit should also be given to team management for developing a very talented farm system.

Also, as the team payroll has risen, so too has the amount of luxury tax the team pays that goes to the other 29 teams. The Yankees are a class organization, as even losing manager Rod Gardenhire acknowledged.

All Yankee fans deserve to be very proud of the 2009 World Champions.

Frank Carlino

II. Dear Editor

As far as the baseball luxury tax goes, as of the 2009 season, only four teams have paid a luxury tax. Out of the 11 times a luxury tax has been invoked, the Yankees have been involved six times. As far as the "extra money" going into owners pockets, that's simply not the case. "Teams whose payrolls exceed set thresholds will be taxed on the portions above the thresholds, with the money to be used for player benefits, including player benefit plan, or the industry growth fund, and developing baseball players in countries lacking organized high school baseball." The money does not just go to the owners.

Baseball needs a salary cap. However, the MLB players' union and the Yankees ownership (who have threatened legal action) make that a moot point. This isn't Yankees "hating," this is simply pointing out what MLB needs to fix.

I do agree with readers concerns about owners pocketing money earmarked for payroll. That is why baseball needs a salary "floor" as well. Yes, the Yankees are operating within the rules, but with the TV network, a huge population to draw from and a lucrative merchandise business, they have a distinct advantage over a team like Cincinnati or Kansas City and the playing field needs to be leveled somewhat.

Steve Perry
Clifton Park

III. Dear Editor

OK, I've had it with all the obviously anti-Yankees fans whining and crying about the Yankees "buying" their championship and how the Yankees shouldn't be celebrated for winning because of past drug use by Andy Pettitte and A-Rod.

First of all, if money spent assured a World Series victory, then the Yankees should also have won the past eight World Series. No one complained when the Yankees spent millions on Giambi, Brown, Pavano and Johnson and didn't win the World Series.

Secondly, Andy and A-Rod did not use the drugs this year.

Lastly, there were 103 players on that list of those who tested positive for PEDs, Some also were on the Red Sox teams of 2004 and 2007, and no one complained when they won, even though they had the second-highest payroll.

Given that there are 30 MLB teams, I'm betting that every single one of them has some players who also were on that list. In light of that, what team could "legitimately" win the World Series that we could be excited about?

Face it, whiners and criers: The Yankees had the best team this season and totally deserved to win the World Series. Get over it already!

Patricia Clark
Clifton Park

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