Friday, November 13, 2009

The Path to John Wetteland's "Mental Health " Issues

When John was young he did drugs which kept him fine and happy.

Then, he went to Bible School where a nun practiced certain archaic rituals on his body.

To escape these daily cuttings and religious idolatry, he picked up a baseball.

He matured; found better drugs and a fast ball.

He set a record for saves and nurtured Mariano.

He had found the way.

When he left baseball, he felt adrift and turned to a new drug; he became Born Again, nearly drowning in the Red River earning his new bones.

Now he is suicidal and has "mental health " issues.

Better to stick with baseball, I think.

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Stultus Magnus said...

Hmmmm, he was religious before he left baseball. He wasn't born again after retirement.