Sunday, November 22, 2009

Letter to the Editor: History has been made

Buffalo News (New York)
November 15, 2009

Dear Editor,

Yankees buy, Yankees win!

History has been made. Incredibly, the Yankees have won their 27th major league championship. In this open free enterprise system, the Yankees' ignored the luxury tax like it never existed to buy a World Series ring.

In the history of baseball, this has never been accomplished before. By spending money like a drunken sailor the last 10 years, this organization finally pulled it off. The last three players alone cost them a quarter of one billion dollars, more than the GNP of most Third World countries. This is all perfectly legal and putting to shame any prospects of a farm system; they just simply bought the best players available at every position until they reached their goal.

This is what made this country great. It's called elitism. This means you can belong to any club whether you join freely or are bought by an organization bidding for your services.

Tony Hammill
South Buffalo


Snatch said...

Commie bastard.

Stang said...

I love that "spending money like a drunken sailor" simile. Delicious!

Anonymous said...

Since when does progressive taxation penalizing the achievers equal free enterprise ?

OpusOne said...

They didn't ignore the luxury tax. They paid it. What's the problem?

Steven said...

Mu u u u ha ha ha~! The Evil Empire has prevailed!