Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Steiner collectibles is selling THIS?

xavier nady yankees game-used memorabilia hat

How can a hat be "game used" when the player wasn't "game used?"

Used when? While watching the game and snacking on Hot Pockets and Cheetos in lovely Salinas, California?

The stranger thing: They got SIX BIDS on this?


Unknown said...

X-Man was in the dugout for all of the post season games.

BernBabyBern said...

OK, so he was snacking on Cheetos in the dugout instead of California. Great way to get good seats for the big game.

The key word is "game-used." He wore a hat while watching a game. This is "game-used?"

The Ghost of Scott Brosius said...

Does that mean they'll be selling game-used Jay-Z hats too? What about those Yankee jackets Mayor Bloomberg, Lonnie Baseball, and Randy Levine were wearing during the trophy presentation and assumedly the game? I'm sure those'll go for a pretty penny.

I'm Bill White said...

I'd rather have the Hank Steinbrenner game worn white polo shirt.

Anonymous said...

Ghost of Scott Brosius is gay