Friday, November 20, 2009


Over most of Thursday and far into Friday, supporters of clean baseball took to their keyboards and smartphones to register "shame" and "disgust" at  evidence that reporter Hart Seely -- a self-styled Yankee fan -- gave  aid and comfort to the Boston Red Sox

The 73-year-old Waverly, NY native remains secluded since a hate-filled propaganda piece he published supporting the Bombers' rivals on the eve of this year's World Series surfaced on this blog. In contrast to Seely's silence, outraged fans are thunderously vocal. At this writing, a whopping 73% of  poll respondents say they no longer consider Seely a Yankee fan, and 100% of commenters strongly condemn his actions. Here is a selection of their comments:
adam said...
For shame [...]

Buhner's Ghost said...

This gibberish is disgusting, just another example of his sellout to the lucre of the Newhouse conglomerate. Talk about Evil Empire!

Geofredo said...

The part of the story you didn't hear about is how the puppets were bought online off Pedroia's brother who used to lure children with them much in the same fashion... This story makes me sick.

I'm Bill White said...

Post of the year.

michael kei said...

Don't type Hart Seely into Google Images... scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

i didn't read seely's article, just saw the picture. is it about assisted suicide?
el duque said... 
Actually, I don't know him that well. We've sort of fallen apart, ever since he joined the Redsocks.


dadlak said...

I don't really get all the hooha about Seely's article. The Yankees and LAAAngels had reduced the Red Socks to irrelevance well before the "offending" article was written.

How can Yankee fans, so proud of the their mascotlessness, deign to assign any significance to the peregrinations of a pair of green plush toys and a goofy-grinned "pediatrician" in a Red Sox cap? It's Kukla, Fran and Ollie, for God's sake! Are they next? And after that? Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop? Pee Wee Herman? Andy Rooney? Where will this all end?

Even so, Seely's interview clearly challenged Dr. Nelson for fomenting Yankee ill-will in central New York, a la the so-called Baldwinsville T-shirt affair.

I say leave this kindly, aging white-haired gentleman, who has entertained so many with his appearances in "Joanie's Smoke Break Movie Reviews", alone! Let him live out the remaining days of life in peace.


Whitey Fraud said...

I thought Hart Seely was a chick.

What kind of parents name their kid Hart? That explains a lot.

And the chick in the article oi so goggle-eyed, she must be get shock therapy or watching Seely's videos.

The horror.

Alphonso said...

Truth be told, I wouldn't write anything positive about anything a person of Red Sox allegiance does.

If a Red Sox fan caught and hanged Bin Laden from a sour apple tree, I would not mention the Red Sox fan at all.

That's it.