Friday, November 20, 2009

Yankiverse declines amnesty for utility Redsock Nick Green

In a stunning defeat for love, cold and concrete-hearted Yankiverse voters have refused to rise to the occasion of their 27th World Championship and metaphorically take in the cute babe left in swaddling clothes on their doorstep, in the form of slappy-hitting ex-Redsock utility infielder Nick Green.

Led by a right-wing coalition of IT IS HIGH bloggers, a group whose stated desire is to say NO to all initiatives, so it can take power in 2010, the Green referendum failed by a more than 2-1 vote.

Officials of the LET HATE END HERE campaign are vowing to caucus and determine new options. "The time has come for love to win out," said an official, speaking on the grounds of anonymity. "And those who stand in the way of love need to feel a hard deep slash from love's swift sword. This aint over, hate. You hear? Piss off love, and you better be prepared to pay the price!"
As a start, the love campaign may begin printing photographs designed to melt the black hearts of the opposition. (See below.)

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dadlak said...

You need to find a still of the little girl with the bunnies that appears in the Windows 7 TV commercial. How can you hate Windows 7 (or anything else) when it's endorsed by cute four-year olds and bunnies?