Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trouble in Paradise: With Cashman having won WS, Yankee bloggers lose right to whine over his ridiculously stupid and incompetent moves

Troubled are the fingers that toucheth today thy Yankee blogger keyboards.

And so it shall be, for a fortnighteth, anyway.

Seriously. What the hell can we whineth about?

How can Yankee blogger, logically, second-guess any move by Brian Cashman or the unit of inhuman consciousness that is commonly known as the Yankee Braintrust-Tampa?
What right does anyone have to complain?

We won the freakin World Series.

Have I ever won a World Series? (I refuse to answer that question.)

If Cashman trades Joba and Hughes for Randy Choate, how are we to suggest it's a bad move? Maybe Joba and Hughes have H1N1, and Randy has discovered an unhittable pitch.

The horrible truth is this: I ragged when Cash picked up Eric Hinske and Jerry Hairston Jr., and I was wrong.

The terrible truth is this: I thought Cody Ransom would fill our utility needs, while increasing his legendary vertical jumps to new records, and I was wrong.

The sinister truth is this: I would have bet my right nipple that Brett Gardner was going to be our fulltime centerfielder, and I was wrong. (By the way: I am still betting that Brett Gardner will be our fulltime CF, but I could be wrong, so instead of a nipple, I am putting up my favorite Bic Pen as collateral.)

All of you out there: You think its all glory and fun being a Yankee blogger? You think its easy to second-guess? You think its just a continual pleasuring of myself over the state of the Yankees, again and again, and again and again. And again.

Well... my friends... this limp feeling today that all Yankee bloggers have... it is the toll of constant self-pleasure. We are sore.

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Alphnso said...

What are you complaining about? At spring training, I had them coming in 3rd.