Friday, November 13, 2009

Why chase a Curtis Granderson when we already have one; his name is Melky

Let's defer to whatever Brian Cashman does. If he says, trade for Granderson -- fine. Trade for Granderson.

But it just seems to me that the never-satisfied, instant-gratification-obsessed Yankiverse constantly overlooks the slow-motion development of Melky Cabrera, who is 24. This post-season, Melky was one of our best players. He hit, he bunted, he fielded, he ran the bases, he did that chop-chop thing with his hands, he did it all. A great year. A comeback year.
No, he didn't hit 30 home runs, as Granderson did. But he might someday.
Here's Melky's page on Baseball Reference. I've circled the age (24), HR (13) and BA (.274).
Now Granderson. He's 28. I've circled his age 25, his first full year: 19 HRs, a .260 BA and 174 strikeouts. Note the strikeout number is in boldface. He led the league.

Hopefully, you can make out the rest of the numbers and do your own crunching. I don't care. If Cash says, "Get him," I say, "Get him." But four years from now, Melky will be in his prime. At 29, 30 home runs and a .249 BA seem quite plausible to me.