Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yankeetorial: The case for signing Pedro

1. He'll come cheaper than Lackey.

2. One-year deal. No long term mortgage.

3. We don't trade a mound of prospects, as with Halladay.

4. We saw in the series what he can do, even with an 85-mph fastball. (Check out that last number on the right; that's against us in game 2.)

5. Face it: He's always wanted to be a Yankee. He won't let himself be embarrassed.

6. Hating the guy is getting old. C'mon! He's one of the game's great characters!

7. Imagine this moment: His first Youk-beaning.

8. Hey, we're talking 5th starter here.

9. If he can't go five, Pedro Bridge to Mariano!

10. Piss off Redsocks fans.

11. Imagine the learning opportunities for young pitchers when he and Mariano talk shop.

12. If he flops... nails in the driveway!
What do I know? This is what I know.


Jim Leyritz's Cellmate said...

I'll admit, I've always pictured the guy as a dominate reliever in his old age. I don't know if his ego would allow it, but the guy can get through the order once as well as anyone.

Alphonso said...

Good thinking El Duque.

If the Yanks do this, and he humiliates the Sox and helps us win....then you can re-issue the " forgive hatred " poll regarding Pedro.

Otherwise, we still hate he.

Whitey Fraud said...

Please stop doing mescaline and posting.

kyle farnsworth said...

screw pedro, the yanks need to resign mike stanton and ron villone