Monday, November 30, 2009

Call For Nominations - Yankee Celebrity Fan of the Decade

You guys and gals know a lot more about this category than I do, so let's get the nominations flowing for the YODA for the Yankee Celebrity Fan of the Decade.

I'll prime the pump, so to speak, by nominating Kate Hudson, Rudy Giuliani (though his status was reduced by his willingness to root for the Red Sox), Jay-Z, Billy Crystal, the dyspeptic Michael Bloomberg (comes with the job, Mike), and of course, renown central New York journalist, author, poet, quasi-film critic and humanitarian Hart Seely.

The vote on this prestigious award will take place after the Yankee Employee of the Month for November 2009 is chosen.


Stang said...

Nice picture.

el duque said...

Keith Olbermann's mom. She was hit by an errant throw from Knobby, but she still supported the Yankees.

Bruce Springsteen. (Maybe he'll acknowledge this and send us free tickets.)

Ari Fleischer.

Chad Gaudin?

Joe said...

lebron james....cause he talked cc into coming here. and he wears a yankee cap when he goes to tribe games.

Anonymous said...

Kate Hudson. She's also the only one who brought us good mojo.

Stang said...

The sensational Mr. Timothy Busfield.

Anonymous said...

Me. I doubted Jeter maybe 3 times all year. I am the rock of fans.

dadlak said...

@Anonymous - Anonymous =/ Celebrity. Come out from behind the curtain so that you may be recognized.

BernBabyBern said...

Hart who?

... s for the other suggestions, I second the nomination of "Anonymous." In fact, I think he could sweep several categories.

Kate Hudson, too. The only semi-fan to win "Employee of the Month," I believe.

Giuliani will be nominated in the "Traitorous Bastard of the Decade" category.

Stang said...