Sunday, November 15, 2009

Letter to the Editor: He Hate Me

The Times-Union (Albany, NY)
November 8, 2009 Sunday

Dear Editor

In the Old West, when a sheriff needed help in controlling a lawless town, he would send out the call for hired guns. In the Bronx, when nine years go by between World Series championships, the New York Yankees brass does the same. First they hired Hideki Matsui (2009 World Series MVP), Johnny Damon and Alex Rodriguez.

When these three hired guns failed to bring home a world championship, the call went out for more gunslingers. This time they would not fail. The Yankees went out and hired the fastest guns in the land. In 2009, Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia (2009 ALCS MVP), and A.J. Burnett came riding into the Bronx on their black stallions. The rest of the baseball world took notice, just like a lawless town in the Old West would have noticed three of the best hired guns riding into town.

Yankees fans are always quick to point out that teams like the New York Mets and Boston Red Sox have high payrolls as well. When will they realize this is not about the Mets or the Red Sox? It is about the Yankees' payroll, which is, and for sometime has been, the highest in baseball. In 2009, it was approaching half the national debt.

What happened next is really no surprise to anyone. The New York Yankees, with these newly acquired gunslingers and the highest payroll in the baseball world, bought themselves a World Series championship. No one doubts they put together the best team that money can buy. Anything short of a World Series title in 2009 would have been considered a failure.

In the end, neither the Angels nor the Phillies could stop the hired guns. They were no match. Money may not be able to buy happiness, but as they have shown once again in the Bronx, it can buy a World Series championship.



Anonymous said... still around...Shane??

Sorry, Milton.


Kenny Phelps said...

Money may not buy happiness, but it sure seems to be be buying a heck of a lot of misery for non-Yankee fans. All the more reason to buy Lackey and Holliday this off season.

B.Stanley said...

The 2009 Yankees payroll is 1/2 the national debt....? I had no idea the Yankees were spending $6 Trillion on their players this year.

Anonymous said...

I found a $10 bill in my pants pocket doing the laundry today.

Since that was $10 more than I had earlier in the day, I guess my assets are also approaching 1/2 the national debt, too. I'm closing in, 10 bucks at a time.

dadlak said...
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dadlak said...

@Anonymous - there you go rubbing it in the faces of the non-fans. Evil!

Upstate Underdog said...

fuck this guy in the mouth. Money can buy happiness, I'm happy the Yankees won. I'm pretty sure other teams also go out and "buy" hired guns.