Saturday, November 28, 2009

It is time to take nominations for November YANKEE EMPLOYEE of the MONTH!

Here's the short list:

Shelley Duncan... So long, Scranton! 2nd EOM crown would cement claim to Yank immortality.

Chad Gaudin... Lights out in post-season! Not one run allowed! Hello, Bob Gibson!

Joe Girardi... Built the Mariano Bridge, linking Palookaville to White Plains!

Jay-Z... Great song! Great performer! Is he in the Hall?

Michael Bloomberg... Spent $100 million to stand on the mound with us. Now, that's a fan!

Suzyn Waldman... First female to call Series! Plus, she grooved to Jay-Z! She gets it!

Michael Kay... Centerstage with Emeril! What the hell does he put in that special sauce?
Am I missing anybody?


Anonymous said...

How about Bob Sheppard-Voice of God and just as old. How many more months will he be around to win this? What other 99 year old could not show up to work for 2 years and still have people wonder if he retired or not?

BernBabyBern said...

I'm Bill White will hunt you down, el Duque, if you don't put Matsui on the list.

Of course, you might be hankerin' for a site civil war. Just for some offseason fun.

And Anonymous, as he (she? it?) so often is, is exactly right. Bob Sheppard needs to be on the list.

Anonymous said...

Kei Kei Kei

Knobby said...

Suzyn was robbed last time. She wins this time

I'm Bill White said...

The Matsui Resistance is on a book tour in smaller markets across the country.

Bman said...

Kei Igawa!