Saturday, November 21, 2009

In Reply to Alphonso

In case anyone's interested (which I doubt anyone is), I've been merely biding my time while the Yankees won it all, drinking a ridiculous amount of UC (case for 15 bucks in Webster!), and slowly morphing from "Michael Kei" to almost our other Michael buddy to the right (Alphonso, think of it as a little getaway trip to Italy).

BUT: we're on our way to our 28th World Championship brought to by Jeep®, and even though I contribute to IIH as much as Mons Meg (and even Suzyn this past year), I still check in almost every day (though it's not very verbal... kind of like a stalker driving by a house).

Just when I thought I was out, theyyyyy pull me back in!

1 comment:

Whitey Fraud said...

So glad that you managed to persevere despite El Dipshit's attempts to stifle and suppress you.

Freedom is never free!

(But don't pay list price. I know a guy.)