Thursday, December 23, 2010

Come Back Shayna

Will Santa finally grant El Duque his fondest wish, the return of Shayna Johnny?
As reported by Chad Jennings at yankee lohud
The most obvious positive is that Damon might be the best combination of viable defensive outfielder and legitimate offensive contributor still on the market .....
The obvious negatives are that Damon bats left handed and would leave Nick Swisher as the only Yankees outfielder with recent experience in right. Of the team’s four outfielders, three would be lefties. They could land a super utility type to bat from the right side, but it seems easier to simply find a right-handed fourth outfielder.
It doesn’t seem to be a perfect fit for either the player or the team, but as Davidoff points out, the outfield free agent market has thinned since Matt Diaz and Bill Hall came off the board. ......
If the Yankees don’t find a better fit, at least they’d have a known veteran to plug into the lineup. If Damon can’t find an everyday job, at least he’d have a familiar situation and a chance to win.

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