Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Waiting for Godot, the Sequel

HANK: Have you heard?

HAL: No. I've heard nothing.

HANK: Nothing... what is nothing? Nothing is not something, I'll tell you that. And something is not-

HAL: Shuddup.

HANK: You're right. Yes. I shall shut up. But I thought I heard something.

HAL: It was the wind.

HANK: Speaking of wind, I need a smoke.

HAL: It's been too long. I fear he's not coming.

HANK: L-S-M-F-T: Lucky Strike means fine tobacco!

HAL: I wonder where he is,

HANK: I say, a smoke helps pass the time.

HAL: Time? If he is not coming, what is time?

HANK: Time is time.

HAL: Seconds. Minutes. Hours. Days. Increments of reality on an ephemeral plane.

HANK: Jeezus. Daddy always wondered about you.

HAL: Time is a dog with three heads.

HANK: I need me a smoke.

1 comment:

richinlasvegas said...

We always said L-S-M-F-T stood for Loose Sweaters Mean Floppy Tits!