Sunday, December 19, 2010

If I ever in my life express hope for the New York Football Giants...

Shoot me. I deserve it.


Joe Pisarcik said...

I have a razor blade at the ready just say the word.

Alph the maimed said...

It is all Ernie Accorsi's fault.

We could have had Rivers and all those draft picks. How obvious is it that rivers is 10X the leader and QB than is Eli?

OK. Now say, " but the Chargers haven't won a SB, etc....". Feel better? Eli leads the NFL in INTs. He throws blindly deep into double coverage off his back foot, at least once per game.

We could have had Big Ben and all his foibles. But on the football field, he does nothing but win ( Jets game an exception ).

Eli gets called for 3 delay of game penalties per game; he throws the ball to the ground when being sacked, like a sixth grader. The Giants lose the down and distance.

We are playing defense without real linebackers, and if we hadn't signed 2 free agents we'd have no safeties save Phillips.

If we had the draft picks, and someone else had Eli, we'd have safeties and we'd be better off.

Stang said...

This is the team you guys keep nagging me to get into?

What did I ever do to you?

The Ghost of Scott Brosius said...

Eli's fault? The offense put up 31 points. Eli did his part. The defensive coordinator should have to explain all those blitzes on Vick in the 4th quarter that allowed him to scramble freely, the special teams coach should run laps with his players for falling asleep on that onside kick, and HOW THE FUCK DOES MATT DODGE NOT TURN TO HIS IMMEDIATE RIGHT AND KICK THE BALL STRAIGHT OUT OF BOUNDS?!?!?!?!?!