Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Do you feel it... the rumblings among sportswriters that the Yankees should make some epic, horrible, team-killing "Herschel Walker/Jay Buhner deal?"

It's like a Lindsay Lohan deathwish. It starts with wild bloggers and then seeds within the gelatin mind of Joel Sherman, an otherwise cogent writer, and then -- o, God -- lands in Cashman's earlobe like a Ebola spore: Trade our farm system for someone, anyone, doesn't matter, trade them, trade them for a name, trade, trade, trade, trade, GET KEN PHELPS ON THE PHONE.

Last year, we flipped away our best pitching prospect, Arodys Vizciano, for Javy Vazquez, and the writers pretended we only traded Melky. Smart Yankee bloggers -- people I read every day -- bought into the Cashman line, wrote how smart we were, pretending the NL is the AL East. Now, they're talking about trading Montero as if he's Juan Miranda; they're talking about packaging him with a B -- a Brackman, a Betances and a Bannuelos -- plus a bunch others... for King Felix. You can hear the train pulling out of the station: Trade for the guy who's already thrown a lifetime of innings, trade for him after his career year, trade, trade, trade, we gotta do something now, GET RICK RHODEN ON THE PHONE.

Can you feel it?

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Stang said...

The Mariners would be very wise to trade King Felix... IF THEY DON'T WANT TO SELL ANY TICKETS.