Monday, December 13, 2010

Fox News Reveals Yankee Future

Fox News shocked the sports world today by revealing some special secrets:

1. Cliff Lee will sign with the Japanese Yakisoba team for a one time payment of $600,000,000.

When interviewed at his Arkansas home, Cliff beamed that, " there are no taxes in Japan for lefties."

2. Brian Cashman, having over-spent, over-extended and over-boarded in his bid for Cliff Lee, is reportedly traveling to the home of Javier Vasquez to offer him Lee money to return to the Yankee rotation for 7 years, beginning in 2013.

3. Brian has also proposed a blockbuster deal, offering Jesus, Nunez, Tiexiera, Brackman, Hughes and Robby Cano for Greinke who, once released from the Granola Hill Relaxation and Rehabilitation Center in Kansas City, will be on the trading block.

4. The Victoria Secret "push up " bra is working wonders.

Is there a similar product for men's underwear? Might be useful in bars and for passing through the new, "full reveal,"airport body scanners.

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Anonymous said...

I'm been DVR'ing Fox News all day and still haven't found when this is on.