Sunday, December 5, 2010

A-Gone? Don't believe it. Evil never abides by deadlines.

"No," the Arizona Diamondbacks told us in 2003, "we will NOT trade Curt Schilling for anything less than Nick Johnson AND Alphonso Soriano."

Then Boston called.

"What? You'll give us the great Michael Goss, Casey Fossum, Brandon Lyon and Jorge de la Rosa? Wow! This is our lucky day! (Wink-wink.) DEAL!"
So yesterday came a New Deal and a new Casey -- Casey Kelly, Anthony Rizzo and Rey Fuentes -- for Adrian Gonzalez.

They say the deal is off. Bullshit. When Yankee-hating franchises plot against us, there is never a deadline. 


Anonymous said...

Evil is a phantom 8 vote surge in the last 90 minutes of the EOTM election to screw Kei out of his Career Grand Slam 4th award.

He had a five vote lead. Fuckers.

Joe De Pastry said...

What's up with all the KEI-love?
Are you obsessed with him?
Is it a man crush thing?

Anonymous said...

Only that he's rewritten the record books from Scranton to Wiles-Barre and back.

And when he leaves, he's taking the book with him.