Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's over: The Redsocks have won December

All is lost.

Forgetaboutit. We'll stage no Dec. 25 comeback. They paddled our red butts like a Louisiana senator.

Boston has officially won the month.

I know, I know... some of you refuse to concede defeat: Maybe we'll get King Felix for Cervelli, Golson, Ramos and cash! We could sign Pavano, then trade him for Albert! NEVER SAY QUIT! WE'RE THE YANKEES...

Sorry, folks. Siddown. Won't happen. Take your pills. We lost the Yule, we lost el Nino, we lost Decembre.

Final score for 2010: Ten for us, 2 for them. (We lost January, when we lost Johnny.)

By my count, we have $25 million sitting in our pockets, waiting for somebody to come along and ask us if we want to buy January.

Time to think January, folks... January.


Anonymous said...

We must get King Felix now that Greinke is a Brewer. The King would be home in the Bronx.

Joe De Pastry said...

Throw Gardner and Kei into that trade package.