Saturday, December 18, 2010

Letter to the Editor: Redsocks have relinquished their soul

Providence Journal-Bulletin (Rhode Island)

December 12, 2010 Sunday

Dear Editor,

While I am not a die-hard sports fan, I could not resist commenting on the recent player acquisitions of the Red Sox.

When we were kids, the Red Sox taught us how to handle defeat. So many times our bums would come close and fall short. It was expected.

Sure, the Yankees could win the pennant. Why not? They bought it!

The traditional rivalry portrayed the very essence of the difference between New England and New York: New England frugality versus New York extravagance.

How could you not respect an under-funded challenger who for decades came close and never won? Even though they were bums, they taught us year after year that there was merit in making a respectable effort on a shoestring.

Society has changed. Instant gratification requires money. While our bums have broken through to win the World Series and now bestow riches on star players, they relinquished the very part of their soul that made them respectable bums.

Learning to lose was part of growing up in New England. It gave character. Everyone knew the battle was uphill and embraced it, knowing that the All-Star break was the harbinger of yet another disappointing year.

With money as the driving force behind success, will there ever be a role model for continual failure without defeat? Oh yeah, there is always politics, the last bastion where money has no role. Yep, surely money doesn t control that.

Robert J. Healey Jr.

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