Friday, December 17, 2010

R.I.P. @stevensmithy

We've always blogged for people like Steven Smith.

You're no doubt one of them. For unknown reasons, even to your therapist, you spend way too much time in life thinking about players who will never know you exist. Some folks claim Jesus Christ was the only human being capable of giving total love to those he would never meet. They never met Yankee fans.

We gotta believe Steven Smith visited this site. We'd be proud to think he did. Smith tweeted on the Yankees, round the clock, simply for the joy of adding his opinions into the firmament. He just needed to do it. Hopefully, he came here now and then. Hopefully, we gave him a smile. (Note: We certainly never gave him relevant information.)

Steven Smith, of Scotch Plains, N.J., died Monday in a car accident on the New York Thruway. He was just 24.

Look at him. Folks... that's you.

Listen: All this loyalty and love we have for the Yankees? Fuck the Yankees. They're like the U.S. government -- just something to ridicule now and then. The beauty of America will never be its government. It's the people. Same with the Yankees. What matters are the fans.  

Thank you for coming here. Look around: No ads. God willing, you'll never see one.

We are all Steven Smiths.

R.I.P. @stevensmithy. The rest of you? For kricesake, avoid the frickin Thruway during snowstorms. (No lie: I've ridden through Baghdad during the war, and along the Thruway during a whiteout; I felt safer in Iraq.) Hang in there, everybody. We'll sign somebody soon and have something to rant about.


Mournful Alph said...

If there is any justice, 10 new Steve Smith's were
born ( as Yankee fans ) when Steve left us.

It would be his wish.

PontiousAlph said...

jesus christ was human? Can you prove that ?

According to the Roman records there is no formal record of this person.

Perhaps mlb can help.

What position did he play?