Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Damon winds blew cold: THE IT-IS-HIGH FEB 2010 RECAP

For starters, we celebrated the return of Javy Vazquez.

Then came our bullpen
lugnut-to-be, Chan Ho Park.

Meanwhile, our future 2010 all-star closer in Scranton
had eyes popping out!

Soon, Alphonso offered musings about his pet fave.

Breaking news? Swish cut his hair!

Alphonso offered another generous 
assessment of his favorite Yankee.

SuperFrankenstein cracked the New York Post's secret humor code.

We noted that the insanity of the alleged anthrax killer
extended into his personal hatred for the Yankees,
and wondered why it took authorities so long to hound him into killing himself.

Finally, we celebrated the crowning career achievement of a middle-innings master.

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