Monday, December 20, 2010

December 2010: The month Philadelphia and Boston ate our brains

It's the punter's fault.

Can anyone remember a worse month at the hands of our Yankee/Giant mortal enemies?

We just finished puking pennies to Texas in the Oct-Nov continuum. Now Phily scores Lee and the Eagles steal the Giants wives; the Redsocks bankroll Carl Crawford and the planet, the Pats are the NFL's best team, and S.I.'s cover is about a boxing movie in Boston.

Worst part: The only way the front office ever gets canned in NYC is by gutting the franchise and/or groping the office help (talking to you, Isiah.)

Here are the Top Positive Events in December.

1. Signing of Russell Martin offers Yank response to Redsock, Phily gains.

2. Signing of Luis Vizciano caps Yanks' 2006 Steiners Collectables craze.

3. Giants return all their injured players just in time for big Phily game.

4. Mariano Rivera chooses to stay with Yankees rather than join everybody else on planet and sign with Redsocks.

5. Cashman has not made horrible "Herschel Walker" trade for some aging pitcher. (Does Joel Sherman remember that the Herschel Walker trade is today remembered as the most lopsided one in pro sports, and the Yankees role in such a move would put them on the losing end?) (NOTE: Still 10 days left in month.)

6. Giants won't play another game in Meadowlands until September 2011.

Let's kill the punter.

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