Monday, December 20, 2010

Letter to the Editor: "Goodbye Mr. Fries"

Morning Call (Allentown, Pennsylvania)

December 17, 2010 Friday

Dear Editor,
I have worked at Midway Manor Early Childhood Center in Allentown for the past four years. We recently received the sad news that our principal, Mr. Jeffrey Fries, was being transferred to another school. Not only are we losing a great principal who worked tirelessly to change the lives of his students, but we are also losing a boss who made everyone of us feel like we were the most important person working at his school. I recently had a serious health scare, and Mr. Fries called me with genuine concern when I had not showed up for work that morning. All that, plus he is a New York Yankees fan! Good luck, Mr. Fries, and thank you for always treating me with respect and dignity.

Rose Bruno

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