Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This Plan Always Works

The Real Reason for Your Slump

Your sluggers are all whiffin’.
Is there anybody to reproach?
Why wait for their resolve t’ stiffen?
Better fire the hitting coach.

Most of the old game’s half-mental
(On Yogi’s turf do I encroach)
Best not get too intellectu’l,
Just fire the hitting coach.

The star himself’s not to blame–
That thought we can barely approach!
The real problem is old what’s-his-name,
Our replaceable hitting coach.

From today's edition of Bardball.


el duque said...

K-Long would approve of this.

JM said...

Can we get one of these for Nunez?

'Gordon is believed to have become the first big leaguer to play with a glove made entirely of synthetic materials.'